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WhatsApp Updates: Three innovations are to come - another messaging app is already successful in one

WhatsApp Updates: Three innovations are to come – another messaging app is already successful in one

Messenger service can schedule detailed updates to WhatsApp (index image)

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The popular messenger service WhatsApp is getting new functions. WhatsApp CEO Will Godgard and Mark Zuckerberg revealed this on the “WABetaInfo” blog.

Munich – Share * One of the most popular ambassador services worldwide. So it is not surprising that reports of new activities are making waves. This time around, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Godcard are announcing updates to the blog. WABetaInfo. Zuckerberg hopes for three inventions that will be implemented “soon”.

WhatsApp: Three new functions are about to be introduced – including the “View Once” update

Like Mark Zuckerberg in a WhatsApp chat interview WABetaInfo On June 3, three updates to the Ambassador service are due. On the one hand, WhatsApp users can send deleted messages automatically after a short time. This innovation is reminiscent of the Snapshot service, which has been providing this functionality for some time. Photos and messages can only be viewed once after opening.

The “View Once” update is intended to ensure that personal content disappears quickly. Screen shots of the content should still be possible. Control over self-deleting messages should also be optimized: although messages in the current version must be selected individually, deletion will soon be set as a standard option for all messages.

WhatsApp: Messenger service can be used on multiple devices simultaneously

Had to make another discovery Share As Zuckerberg told us in an interview, mastering a “major technical problem” WABetaInfo Agrees. It is soon possible to use the messenger service on multiple devices simultaneously. A similar functionality is already possible with the WhatsApp web today, but the update goes beyond that as well. In the future, a WhatsApp account can be used on more than one cell phone. You can use the Messenger service even without a SIM card or smartphone connection. As WhatsApp CEO Will Godgard revealed in an interview, the “Multi-Device” update will be available to users in beta within the next two months.

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WhatsApp was recently criticized for its new privacy policy

In January, WhatsApp released its new Privacy Policy – which received massive reviews. The company announced the use of data from WhatsApp users Facebook * And other group subsidiaries. Users in the EU are not affected – the European Data Protection Regulation prohibits this practice. Nevertheless, the popularity of WhatsApp competitors such as Trima and Signal has increased. “We are unable to respond to inquiries,” said Martin Blatter, co-founder and CEO of Trima. Handlesplot On February 1, 2021. With the new functionality, WhatsApp will try to win back the users who have benefited. (jjf)

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