January 31, 2023


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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: This is the first official movie

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: This is the first official movie

Date Set: Xiaomi has announced that the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be formally delivered in China on August 10th. This confirms the arrival of a smartphone that marks a new era among Chinese manufacturers.

A few days before this official presentation, Xiaomi began to share some of the first official images of the instruments. And we can start to get an idea of ​​what to expect.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: Xiaomi’s first smartphone with an under-screen camera

The Mi MIX line always excels at bringing another level of screen experience to the consumer. Looking at one of the first posters to be released, it will be maintained with a slightly curved screen on the sides and a front camera under the screen in this model.

The first official poster of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

In another poster, Xiaomi shows some designs that the Mi MIX lineup has passed over time. But for now, the Chinese company has decided not to place the new model among the equipment we can see in the picture.

Evolution of Siomi's Mi Mix line
Evolution of Siomi’s Mi Mix line

In another rendering, it appeared on the unofficial, social networking site Weibo, which is said to be what the back design of the smartphone is. It shows a large square camera system, with three large sensors and a secondary screen. However, since this is unofficial, you should see it as “a pinch of salt”.

Unofficial rendering of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4
Unofficial rendering of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

For now we have to rely on what the brand has officially revealed. What we do know is that the Mi MIX 4 is breaking the norms of mobile habits again.

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