August 9, 2022


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Imagem de: Farmadores de Renown estão sabotando Rainbow Six: Siege no Japão

Famous Farmers Destroy the Rainbow Six: Siege in Japan

An exploitation to cultivate the famous coin Siege of the rainbow river He is ruining the game in Japan. This is an interesting process with a fun ending, but it is done by players who do not participate in the game and do not kill the multiplayer experience of the game.

Hopefully it can only be exploited on the Japanese PS4 due to the nature of the button and the X. The PlayStation has historically used Circle as its default confirmation button (which changes on the PS5). Hopefully even the crochet button R6: Wins. That way, it’s much easier to press the circle automatically using the modified controller and drop the game “playing alone”.

Matches are confirmed and started, and the player is left alone, except for the limited AI of the game, which tries to catch cheaters or dropouts. R6: Wins The game assumes that a player knows how to find out if he is completely idle, but if he does nothing but shout, it is already valid.

You can see in many videos how widespread the problem is. It’s also fun to watch the small team bend over without stopping, but it will kill any match. To make matters worse, according to Eurocommer, there have been reports of problems since February 2019 and Ubisoft has done nothing to fix it.

The developer has spoken with EuroCamer and says he is fully aware of the exploitation and is developing a solution to properly identify and punish these players.

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