September 24, 2021


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Bamberg Brasserie: Relaxed, traditional sports bar

Bamberg Brasserie: Relaxed, traditional sports bar

  • Bamberg Brasserie: Traditional Franconian food based on “traditional recipes”
  • In den Top 10 im Google-Ranking: Cozy sports bar Bamberg Brasserie It has always been a tradition in the city
  • Opening times, menu, address/contact details and more: Here you can find out everything you need to know Bamberg Brasserie need to know

The Bamberg Brasserie Under the cathedral with delicious Traditional Franconian food. Local dishes are prepared according to “traditional recipes”. So if you appreciate true traditional cuisine, you are in good hands here. When evaluating the Google rating, the Bamberg Brasserie In the top ten most wanted list Bamberg Restaurants In the search engine next to restaurants such as Henrii Bamberg, Salino Bamberg or Boathouse Bamberg.

Bamberg Brasserie: creative local, traditional and Franconian – private sports bar

“Comfortable since 1989” written on the worship bar logo Bamberg Brasserie. Here burgers, salads and classic German dishes such as schnitzel and sausages can be enjoyed in the dining room or in the courtyard. in a Bamberg Brasserie Regional and local dishes are prepared according to “traditional recipes” – as mentioned on the website. with the locals Bamberg Restaurant Traditional restaurant for a long time. Tourists can discover true Franconian cuisine here.

“Bundeliga with beer and good food – great”, as reported by Google reviews. here comes Bamberg Brasserie To a total of 4.3 stars with nearly 1,000 reviews. The restaurant is popular with guests.

Here you can find out when the Bamberg Brasserie opens and how to get to the restaurant in the best way to book one table or the other Franconian delicacies to have fun.

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Bamberg Brasserie opening hours: Open to guests 7 days a week – even after midnight

The Bamberg Brasserie It is open to guests seven days a week, according to the site. Visitors are required to make a reservation. Brasserie Bamberg is usually well attended – that’s what Google reviews say. This is exactly it work hours From Kultlocals:

Monday to Thursday: 5.30 pm to 1 am
Friday: From 11:30 AM to 2 PM and from 5:30 PM to 1:00 AM
Saturday Sunday: From 11:30 AM to 1 AM

in a Bamberg Brasserie Guests can enjoy their visit indoors in a relaxed and homely atmosphere or sit together outside with a good Franconian beer in summer.

“Schäuferla” and delicious burgers: here you will find the Bamberg Brasserie

The Cult Brasserie Bar Bamberg It is located on the edge of the old town. There is food on site, but also to order. You can find them here Bamberg Brasserie:

According to a Google review, you can get “delicious burgers and local dishes in a great atmosphere” here. To make a reservation, you can simply contact us by phone, email or on the . website Bamberg Brasserie falling off:

Bamberg Brasserie

Pfahlplätze 4, 96049 Bamberg
Tel: 0951/5 77 35
Email: [email protected]


Bamberg Brasserie Menu: From Franconian “Schäuferla” to Juicy Beef

In addition to the menu where you can find classics such as Schnitzel “Wiener Art” or Alt Bamberger Käseschnitzel and Franconian specialties such as real Bamberg “Schäuferla” or sausages and grill or snacks, there are also snacks at Bamberg Brasserie Also always has a weekly menu that the worship bar changes on Specialties offers.

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From 5.30pm there will be burgers for those who don’t like typical Franconian food – either with 100% beef, vegan or vegetarian. If you want to see for yourself whether the placement in the 10 best restaurants in Bamberg is justified in the Bamberg Brasserie, you can look at the list in advance.

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* This ranking is related to the Google Analytics evaluation. The restaurants listed in Bamberg are the ten restaurants and bars that are currently most frequently searched for in the Google search engine. These are the personal opinions of Google users.