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Online reviews: this is how absurdly ranked hotels in Usedom and Rügen

Online reviews: this is how absurdly ranked hotels in Usedom and Rügen

Satisfaction of guests visiting Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is lower than the national average. This is the result of an evaluation of the current tourism scale of the Association of East German Savings Banks. The study shows that guest satisfaction with the quality of their holiday accommodation has declined sharply, especially in Rügen and Usedom. Nordkurier’s sample of current online reviews confirms: if island guests have something to complain about, prices that are too high are often criticized for not paying much attention.

In order to increase the popularity of your home, tips on the network can be useful for hosts. However, there are also some who leave one hotel operator or the other staring at the screen in a bewildered manner. Weather complaints are a classic among hosts. Understandably, anyone spending their summer vacation in Rügen or Usedom is not excited about rain. The following weather complaint from a vacationer after her stay at a hotel in Ahlbeck in July is supposed to cause a frown: “It was too warm”

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And even after a visitor to a hotel in Bansen pointed out the complaint, nothing would change: “The stairs were too daunting to walk due to the differences in height.”

It is similar to referring to a hotel guest in Sassnitz in Rügen. It is very likely that the expressed desire will not be fulfilled: “Even in single rooms, double beds will be nice (…)”

The old saying goes: “Where there is planning, chips fall.” So something can go wrong or not work even with the best titles. This was also discovered by a guest at a hotel in Binz in Rügen. The conclusion, which he gave online after it was found that the phone in his room didn’t work, should make sense to everyone: “The floor lamp didn’t work in the room. Unfortunately, the phone didn’t work either. At least there was no way to notify the front desk or room service.” So. I had to call the hotel front desk with my own phone.”

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But there are also reviews that hosts should urgently take as an opportunity to make one or another evaluation of the employee. It seems that a hotel guest in Zimbin met an employee he will not soon forget. He describes online what happened after he was assigned a new room due to a booking error: “After we entered, someone was already in the room. At first we assumed this was a guest and therefore it was an incorrect double booking. Then we wanted to call reception The supposed guest ran after us to tell us that he was a hotel employee, that he only had diarrhea and had to go to the toilet and that we could now go to our room.”

Not really serious online reviews

Of course, these and other online reviews cannot be validated and therefore are always questioned. But there are also reviews that the authors clearly did not mean quite seriously. The following information can be found online for some restaurants. “The food was good. Unfortunately, since the waiter slept with my wife, I can only give three out of five stars.” Customer review was automatically translated from German.

The following review after visiting Cologne Cathedral also shows that some authors use the option of online reviews with a glint in their eyes: “Not recommended. Food tastes bland and you won’t be filled with it either. Would you like to wash off a sticky cookie? Unfortunately, there is only wine to the host. Guests receive nothing, but should kneel in gratitude after dinner, if possible. Before and after the meal, the host speaks of God and the world. Attempts to initiate a conversation with him collide with incomprehension. “

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These findings can also be understood after visiting the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin as evidence of the somewhat humorous handling of online reviews:

1. The gate is not in Brandenburg at all. 2. The gate is more than a lane. 3. The gate cannot be closed. 4. Before that is the 18th of March square, but that is not at all if you pass by it in July. 5. On the other side There is Pariser Platz, and it is not in Paris either! It can be said in general: many promises and nothing beyond.”

Have you noticed similar reviews of hotels, vacation homes or campsites in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the Internet? As an MV host, have you also received such information? Then send us an email (with a screenshot of the evaluation, if you’d like) [email protected] With the subject line “Online Reviews”.