February 24, 2024


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The Chronicles of Avel – Family Fantasy Board Game

Really Just unlucky? The idea of ​​the game was long before it Application Then it took so long that now everything is too late? Or do you know everything, especially its famous predecessor, and then released your own game in its current form, perhaps in the form of progress From what is already there and installed? The former will be unfortunate, while the latter will be relatively reckless and ultimately not crowned with success, as vain and ugly as that may sound.

Anyway – first look at The Chronicles of Avel by Przemek Wojtkowiak (Rebel/Asmodeus) and his instructions spark ideas very quickly and clearly Andor Legends come up. This has to do with the title. The concept, structure, and goal of The Chronicles of Avel also have obvious similarities to The Legends of Andor. On the other hand, it is unclear whether this is intentional or ultimately unfortunate. Because one thing is clear – if the origin is somehow Lit From later work, this one has a major problem. And the Unfortunately, it is difficult Miscellaneous in The Chronicles of Avel…

How does the board game The Chronicles of Avel work?

Begins to set up the game. In The Legends of Andor, you need to open the big board and place a few tiles, then you can start. On the other hand, Avile’s records are different Place tags, some are by default, and the rest are upside down randomly. This can result in certain parts of a file more suitable constellation Others do not benefit, which affects the rest of the game, but not in a controlled way, but completely Random and disorganized. Then it’s time to set up the heroes (more on that below) and place the monsters – there’s a lot to do before The Chronicles of Avel can begin.

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As with files Andor legends So must also in The Chronicles of Avel together a fortress against progress Monsters of all kinds to be defended. To do this, we improve our equipment and discuss where and how we want to stop enemies on the way to the castle. unlike Andor Legends But there is, however, the Chronicles of Ophel There are no different adventures in partially new scenarios and landscapes. Instead, you always follow the same missions and processes and the games difficulty level can only be adjusted in three stages. It’s a bit routine and Little variety In a direct comparison between the two games.

Game mechanics

At first, the landscape view of The Chronicles of Avel is still largely unknown and you first have to go to the corresponding place name tags and exposed. To do this, we can move our heroes twice in turn to a neighboring board, fighting there if necessary against monsters or performing their own local actions. Shortcuts can make it easier to navigate around the screen, but only if they are randomly placed in an appropriate manner at first.

The Chronicles of Avel - Article - Photo by Asmodee/Rebel

Finally, in the fights rolled a lot He hoped our equipment would help enough against the respective monsters. A monster is defeated when it has at least as many damage tokens as its stamina. If so, I receive a reward as shown on the monster board. On the other hand, if my hero takes too much damage, he is knocked out, but he can join again in the next round of the castle.

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Local actions for individual landscape tiles are also important. Depending on the situation, they can give us advantages for subsequent battles against monsters, prevent them from reappearing in certain places, or make it difficult for them to advance along the many paths to the castle. In addition, heroes can exchange items with each other if they are on the same board at the same time.

Bars and monsters of the moon

on me Moon bar Game progress is documented. Depending on which symbol is there, the heroes all become more stamina at the start of a new round or previously defeated monsters appear (Sisyphus says hello!). On the other hand, beating monsters is important in order to obtain items and simply alter them in perfect, successful condition as a basis for further material purchases in connection with final battles, especially against a large monster. This eventually appears on one of the place name signs and marches from there along with all the other monsters towards our castle – The ultimate endurance test For all previous construction and defense work!

There is not enough fun to play in a beautiful presentation

The Chronicles of Avel - Box - Photo by Asmodee / Rebel

In general, The Chronicles of Avel offers a lot that is familiar and interesting, but at the same time also quite interesting a little fresh. Plus, it somehow misses all of its target groups. The display is flawless in terms of design and beautiful to look at. There is a special almanac with a description of the history of the monsters of Avel. In addition, the graphics of the characters can be colored on the linked player boards and the names of the heroes can be given and everything looks like a wonderful family or even a children’s game.

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However, this is opposed by a large set of rules with many in love with details, and the game’s difficulty level requirements are by no means easy to master, at least not in the first few games. Later, everything became smoother, but no more interesting. This leaves The Chronicles of Avel as a solid and well-designed adventure game, if with little variety and convenience re a littleNo more, no less.