April 17, 2024


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Applications have begun for the 21st edition of UE5 Petit Con, a competition to create works using Unreal Engine! The theme is “Osu” |  Press release from Historia Co., Ltd.

Applications have begun for the 21st edition of UE5 Petit Con, a competition to create works using Unreal Engine! The theme is “Osu” | Press release from Historia Co., Ltd.

Unreal Engine (hereinafter referred to as UE), a game development company Historia Co., Ltd. For the theme of the 21st UE5 Petit Con, a small UE learning competition, named “Osu” has started accepting entries. Entries will be accepted from February 16, 2024 (Friday) to April 7, 2024 (Sunday).

Additionally, a side event to this competition, the UE5 Petit Con Game Jam, will be held over two days from Saturday, March 2 to Sunday, March 3, 2024.

■ What is UE5 HomeCon?

UE5 Petit Con is an educational competition at UE. You will be required to create and submit works using UE, especially games. We wanted to create an opportunity for people who have never used UE to learn easily.“Make it quickly within 2-3 days and apply quickly.”We hold regular events based on this concept. Over 4,000 entries were received over the 25 times it was held, including additional editions.

A different theme will be announced each time on the first day of the event, and participants will be asked to create works in line with the theme within a short period of time (about a month and a half). Anyone, from professionals to amateurs, can participate, and teams of several people are also welcome. All participants will receive an original Petit Con entry prize that matches the theme.

20th UE5 Petit Con event overview.

The theme of this Petit Con is“Pay”He is. Everyone is asked to create and submit works based on the theme of “osu,” such as “pushing” something, “pushing” hard, “pushing” the girl you like, etc.

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[مضيف مشارك]

Epic Games Japan

[فترة الحدث]

February 16, 2024 (Friday) – April 7, 2024 (Sunday) (Until April 8 (Mon) at 10:00 AM)



[إعلان النتيجة]

Announcement on YouTube Live from 20:00 on Friday 19 April 2024

YouTube official history: https://www.youtube.com/historiainc


Epic Games Japan Historia Co., Ltd.


The Grand Prize Winner will receive one of their choices from among the latest GPU / 4K Monitors / Meta Quest 3 (128GB) / GoPro HERO12 Black / RICOH THETA SC2 (including Grand Prize Winner) Selectees will receive various prizes provided by our sponsors.

As a participation prize, we have prepared an original t-shirt for the 21st UE5 Petit Con.

[برعاية (بالترتيب الأبجدي/تم حذف العنوان الشرفي)]

At Petit Con, many sponsoring companies offer great prizes and software licenses that are useful for learning and building a business.



Amazon Web Services Japan LLC

IncrediBuild Japan Co., Ltd

Elsa Japan

Kinetic Audio Company Limited


Suntory System Technology Co., Ltd


CG World




TBS Games

Digital Hearts Company Limited


HP Japan Co., Ltd

Japanese company AMD

Microsoft Japan Limited




Muricatron Company Limited

Live2D Limited


21st UE5 Petit Con Game Jam event overview.

This is an offline event where you can create a team of several people and experience creating and completing a game to submit to Petit Con over the course of two days. For those who have even a slight interest in creating games with UE5, such as “I'm nervous about creating games myself, but I want to learn UE5!” Or “I want to make friends to create games!” Or those who are new to the competition. Welcome regular customers and everyone!

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Participants will be asked to create a game using UE5 over two days, March 2 (Saturday) and March 3 (Sunday). (Total production time about 12 hours)

We will form a team of the assembled members, and let us work together as one to aim for completion!

On the second day (3 March) starting at 17:00, you will present your created game in front of everyone and advance to the 21st UE5 Petit Con.

The Historia-sponsored Game Jam will be held in Tokyo, but we will also be holding Game Jams in Osaka and Nagoya!

Please check each venue's details before participating.

[التاريخ و الوقت]

March 2, 2023 (Saturday) 11:00~20:00, March 3 (Sunday) 11:00~20:00


Seminar hall of Historia Ltd

Address: 141-0032

7th Floor, Miyako Gotanda Building, West Building, 5-6-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

[أشياء للتحضير]

・PC that can use Unreal Engine 5.3. We also have laptops available. (first 8 people)

・USB memory stick (Only for those who want to borrow a laptop. Please bring your own if you want to take the data you have created home.)

・Other items that may be necessary for the production of the game. *Xbox gamepads can be borrowed, but numbers are limited.

Historia Co., Ltd. It is a software development company specializing in Unreal Engine. We plan and develop software based on two axes: gaming business and enterprise business. In addition, we engage in activities to revitalize the Unreal Engine community, such as hosting and managing events such as “UE5 Petit Con” and publishing technical blogs, as well as disseminating information for developers, such as running the “Game Makers” web media. “I am putting effort into it.

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Historia Limited HP: https://historia.co.jp/

Historia X Co., Ltd.: https://x.com/historia_Inc