June 23, 2024


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Apple CEO ‘Amazed’ By Vite Ma Dose, Savoyard App, Guillaume Rozier |

Vitemadose founder Guillaume Rozier, February 12, 2021 in Paris afp.com – JOEL SAGET

Engineer Guillaume Rozier, who grew up in Savoie, has risen to prominence during the pandemic after creating Vite Ma Dose and CovidTracker. In its version of June 13, the Sunday newspaper He posts a lengthy interview between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Guillaume Rozier, congratulating the French-American on his role in the fight against Covid-19.

Only 25 years old, the creator of the site Vite Ma Dose, which makes it possible to find vaccination dates, and the site Covidtracker, presents himself as a reference for information on the development of the epidemic in France. Thanks to these two free anti-Covid 19 online services, the French engineer’s bad reputation has crossed the borders of France, reaching the ears of the American tech giant, Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In its version of June 13, the Sunday newspaper, publish a exclusive interview Between the two men, whom they brought together last week during a 30-minute video conference. “Meeting on top of technology and healthAccording to the Sunday weekly newspaper.

a “Mind blowing function

Guillaume Rozier was recently awarded the National Medal of Merit, and Tim Cook congratulated him on ” Amazing job in a very short time. It has benefited the whole community, because you have effectively contributed to the fight against the epidemicYoung Savoyard was moved, but not surprised, he replied thatwish[t] Just do something useful, get in the fight, JDD reports. To better understand the plague, it seemed to me that it was necessary to collect as much data as possible. Understand how the epidemic is progressing […]”.before adding to particularly wanted.”Helping the French protect themselves“With My quick dose And the covidtracker.

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The two men then discussed various topics ranging from the consequences of the pandemic on society to health and technologies. The Apple boss does not hesitate to point out that the French “would be an excellent recruit.”

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