June 18, 2024


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Analysis: How the Munich High-Tech Site Affects Bavaria

Apple has been in the state capital for 40 years. Now the iPhone manufacturer is investing 1 billion euros. The entire region can benefit from this.

Then Munich It attracts many high-tech companies for a long time. Google is currently expanding the old Postpalast at Arnulfstrasse widely. Amazon And Microsoft Its German headquarters are here. an Apple It has been operating on site at several sites for 40 years, but is now significantly expanding its presence and strengthening its technological position with the decision to develop the European Slide Design Center in the state capital.

Over a billion euros will be invested over the next three years, hundreds of new employees will be hired and join the already hired teams of around 1,500 engineers from 40 different countries. Munich is already the largest European development center for the California Group, and it is set to grow even larger in the future.

A European Chip Design Center has been established

On the other hand, it has to do with “energy management design,” that is, battery life: how electricity can be in one device Iphone Or the MacBook can be used as effectively and efficiently as possible. On the other hand, it is about mobile phone technologies, radio modems and special chips so that Apple devices can communicate faster and better, so that the iPhone device, for example, can send and receive data faster. The keywords for this are 5G and the following generations of cellular standards. Apple President Tim Cook knows Munich and has been in it for two years Oktoberfest And Apple’s current Bavarian Design Center. He recently told his Bavarian staff: “I cannot be more curious about what our engineering teams will discover in Munich – from exploring new possibilities in 5G technology to a new generation of technologies that will enable greater performance, speed and connectivity.”

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Munich economic advisor Clemens Baumgartner: This has a “strong luster”

The city of Munich is very satisfied with the iPhone manufacturer’s decision. Economic advisor Clemens Baumgartner talks about “strong luminosity” like investing a billion dollars. And science confirms this, says Oliver Falk, head of the Ifo Center for Industrial Economics and New Technologies, that the Munich site has a modern industry like BMW or Siemens and software companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM Watson and Amazon Web Services. In machine networks in production, autonomous driving and, above all, data-driven business models, there will be enormous potential in the future. So the combination of industry and IT is “very interesting” for Apple and in this way also “unique” in Germany. In perspective, this could mean: “If a company like Apple joins the company, there is a high probability that many innovative companies will settle in these areas. A larger pool of competencies could form, which could give the site a competitive advantage in the future.”

“This decision by Apple clearly demonstrates the commitment of another global company to the outstanding innovative force and talent factory in Munich as a high-tech location,” Thomas F. Hoffmann, President of the Technical University of Munich, told our editorial team. The Munich metropolitan area has become unprecedented in the development of the innovation ecosystem in Europe. Growth-oriented high-tech startups, of which up to 80 annually come from TU alone, are essential. “This is unique in Germany. They are technology drivers, rival partners and corporate contractors. “In the global competition, the location of Munich’s high-tech need not shy away from comparison. “Whether you look to Silicon Valley, London, Singapore or Beijing: Munich is on par in many areas here.”

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Apple is working with Varta and Delo, among others

The area also benefits from this radiance. Apple, for example, works with several German and Bavarian companies. These include battery manufacturer Varta and the chemicals company Delo which is its owner from Windach am Ammersee. This glue provides so-called “Face ID technology” in Apple products such as the iPhone 12 Pro. Delo also works with Apple’s environmental team to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and carbon emissions.

Delos high-tech adhesives are used in smartphones and cars around the world. Huawei, Sony, Bosch and Siemens are also customers.

“Basically, Apple’s announcement shows two things: first, the hardware remains important. Germany has a lot of efficiency here and world-class mid-size companies,” says Managing Partner Sabine Herold of Apple’s investment in Bavaria. And second: even if premium devices like Apple devices in Asia also provide many jobs in Germany at all levels of qualification. ”

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