May 27, 2024


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Account sharing on Netflix: VPN technology should be able to cleverly beat the ‘fee hammer’.

Account sharing on Netflix: VPN technology should be able to cleverly beat the ‘fee hammer’.


Netflix now charges when you share your account with people outside of your household. However, a technique is now circulating on the Internet that is said to be able to cheat the “fee hammer”.

Account sharing is still legal with Netflix — but it does get expensive. (Source: @dennizen/

  • Netflix allows you to share the account with people outside the household.
  • However, an additional fee will be charged for this in the future.
  • VPN technology promises the cure here. But be careful! There are penalties for use.

It also originated in Germany Netflix is ​​now account sharing Cost. You will be charged up to €30 additionally if you do this Sharing the account with people outside the family Wants. Your home WLAN is used to check if someone outside the household is currently using your account. If your streaming device isn’t signed in here, you won’t be able to access your Netflix account.

Every 31 days, the devices you use must log into your home network at least once in order to continue broadcasting across them. For trips or temporary stays elsewhere, you can unlock your device temporarily with a code. However, this process is also limited in time. The code is valid for seven days only.

NordVPN Network

supplier NordVPN MChant offers a way to circumvent this limitation, and it can be read in many places on the net. This allows you to connect to a friend’s WiFi remotely. This means that you can theoretically get an IP from a “foreign home network” and thus use the control mechanism of Netflix Maybe undercut.


This is made possible by the fact that, simply put, your data traffic is routed through the VPN through your friend’s devices. However, your friend should also use NordVPN for this. Depending on the provider, you can link up to 50 devices together.

Damage claims threaten

However, it is questionable whether Netflix’s “fee hammer” can be avoided in this way. Netflix keeps a low profile on how the control mechanism works. In addition, the provider has long been against broadcasting with activation VPN And it tries to block the corresponding connections directly. However, sharing your account without paying makes you a criminal offense, huh compensation claims can ensue. Therefore we strongly advise against doing so.

However, the use of technology in other areas can bring advantages. For example, you can share files with each other without the cloud or play multiplayer games against each other in an encrypted virtual LAN. In this case, the use is completely legal.

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