April 18, 2024


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A leap forward in robotics technology – IT BOLTWISE® x Artificial Intelligence

A leap forward in robotics technology – IT BOLTWISE® x Artificial Intelligence

NEW YORK/MUNICH (IT BOLTWISE) – The humanoid robot manufacturer has announced a new partnership with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. The company recently closed a $675 million funding round at a $2.6 billion valuation, with big-name backers including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft and AI chip maker NVIDIA. This deal is particularly notable because the format has yet to release a commercially viable product – showing how much momentum there is in the AI ​​space as investors hope for massive growth.

Figure hopes to give its future robots the ability to understand language using artificial intelligence to give them new capabilities that may allow them to learn at much faster rates. What could go wrong? Earlier this week, Figure released a video of a prototype called Figure 01, which was able to walk, pick up a plastic box, and place it on a nearby conveyor belt. Last month, Figer CEO Brett Adcock shared another video of the robot operating a coffee machine, a feat he described as a “game-changer” due to the “end-to-end AI” that allowed it to do all the learning steps at once. With the help of OpenAI, Figure hopes to develop “next-generation AI models for humanoid robots” that will allow them to “process and extract inferences from language,” according to the company’s press release. But Viger is not alone in this field. Tesla is also developing its own robot called Optimus, which will be “able to perform unsafe, repetitive or tedious tasks.” Agility Robotics also hopes to open a factory to produce bipedal robots by the thousands. But with the support of some major investors and OpenAI, Figure has taken a big step forward. “If we can get humanoid robots to do tasks that humans don't want to do because of the lack of humans, we could sell millions of robots, maybe even billions,” Brett Adcock, CEO of Figer, told The Associated Press last year.

The humanoid robot manufacturer is collaborating with OpenAI to integrate its technology into the brains of robots (Image: DALL-E, IT BOLTWISE)

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