April 17, 2024


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Eternity is turning the screw technology

Eternity is turning the screw technology

March 1, 2024

The latest innovation from Eternity Technologies has a long name Deep cycle carbon nano battery It comes from the Quasar series. The (almost) classic lead-acid battery expands the premium segment of industrial battery specialists.

Innovator Carbon nanotube technology (CNT, German: Carbon Tubes) aims to set new standards in terms of… Performance, reliability and sustainability Exploring and expanding the boundaries of battery technology. The manufacturer talks about “extremely high energy efficiency thanks to low resistance,” and adds that this technology is suitable for occasional charging and extreme temperature changes.

These batteries combine thin tube positive plate technology with carbon nanotube technology in the negative plate. This achieves high energy density, improved discharge performance at high rates and fast charging capability. The battery is designed for a variety of applications such as aerial work platforms, cleaning machines, golf carts, and marine applications, to name a few. The new Quasar Flooded range will be available in 6, 8 and 12 volts.

Quasar Carbon Nano Deep Cycle Flooded Battery

Eternity Technologies has been developing carbon nanotechnology for ten years. Compared to classic lead batteries, this provides longer usage and faster charging. The Quasar's battery can be fully recharged with 20 percent of remaining power in four hours. These batteries also handle medium charging better than the traditional lead variant. In addition, there is resistance to high temperatures.

Immortality techniques Founded in 2011 by Al-Dabawi Group of Companies It has been operating in Germany since 2012. The company has set up production in Wernigerode for Europe. Not only has a camp been set up here in the Harz Mountains, but Eternity has also established bases all over Europe.

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