July 20, 2024


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3D printing technology for continuous fiber materials from Austria

3D printing technology for continuous fiber materials from Austria

Austrian AM startup PHENOX Launched the V-REX composite 3D printer. The machine targets industrial customers and the R&D sector.

The revolutionary VENOX Extrusion System (V-REX) is equipped with a 5-axis printing system optimized for processing continuous fiber materials. This allows fibers such as carbon to be precisely aligned in their natural direction and take advantage of their anisotropic properties to produce high-performance components. Using a rotary table, fibers can be positioned freely in space, allowing them to be placed precisely along the force curve.

Another feature of the V-REX is the automatic tool changer, which can handle up to six different printheads in one operation. It can reach temperatures of up to 500°C and is water-cooled, enabling a wide range of materials to be processed using the FFF process. The printing plate can also be replaced and reaches temperatures of up to 200°C, and the installation area can be heated up to 100°C.

VENOX, founded in 2022, focuses on 3D printing to produce high-strength parts from various materials with integrated electronics. The company's innovative approach enables seamless integration of sensors and connectors during the printing process.

V-REX has received financial support from the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice (aws) through the PreSeed DeepTech grant, which supports technology-challenged companies. This grant helped VENOX develop a 5-axis continuous fiber printhead. According to the company, this funding is part of AWS's efforts to strengthen Austria's technological leadership and make innovations internationally competitive.