July 20, 2024


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Shoe manufacturer On is sending drones to the warehouse for storage

Swiss shoe manufacturer On will use autonomous drones to monitor its warehouses in the future. The technology for this is provided by the Swiss company Verity.

Verity has gained a new client, On. The company spun off from ETH has autonomous drones flying around the shoe manufacturer's warehouses in Zurich. The goal is real-time inventory monitoring, according to a statement. This in turn ensures complete operational transparency and reduces stock-outs, misdistribution and shrinkage throughout the entire supply chain.

The partners said the Verity system is already in use in a warehouse in the United States. “At Verity, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and robotics to achieve operational excellence,” said Raffaello D’Andrea, co-founder and CEO of Verity. “We share the same goals with On, particularly the goal of providing an exceptional customer experience. This synergy is enhanced by our extremely robust systems with over 99.99 percent reliability.”

You can learn more about how Verity drones work in this post.

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