July 20, 2024


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The Orient Express Racing Team improves performance with HP 3D printing technology

The Orient Express Racing Team improves performance with HP 3D printing technology

the Orient Express Racing Team Give HP Company Announced as a new official supplier. The team will use a wide range of advanced HP products and services, including computing, printing and conferencing systems.

Of particular note is the use of HP's eco-friendly latex printing technology to carefully create all the core branding elements of the future AC75, the Official Ship of the 37th America's Cup. The team is also producing the core components of the AC75 using HP 3D printing solutions.

In view of the upcoming America's Cup, which will be held in Barcelona and whose opening ceremony will take place on August 22, the Orient Express Racing Team is now installing HP technology in different areas. This includes equipping meeting rooms with HP Poly audio and video conferencing systems in addition to providing employees with the latest HP computers and printers.

HP's latest workstation models, including the ZBook Power G10, ZBook Studio G10 and ZBook Fury G10, provide Orient Express's design teams with unparalleled mobility and professional performance. These workstations allow engineers to continuously monitor all AC40 systems, whether hydraulic, electrical, telemetry or mechatronic. “This requires reliable and powerful computers that operate in real time and support sailors,” says Valentin Salomez, IT Director.

The AC75 Orient Express Racing Team is working closely with HP's 3D printing and large format printing teams in Barcelona to optimize the performance and branding of the AC75 boat.

Louis Fiat, Chief Operating Officer at Orient Express, emphasized: “We value teamwork, innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence – principles that align strongly with the spirit of the HP teams. Integrating HP’s 3D printing technology into our partnership is particularly interesting. Lightweight, customization and unparalleled precision in part manufacturing Thousands of 3D printed components are manufactured at HP's 3D Printing Center of Excellence in Barcelona and assembled at our base and all HP's support, expertise, responsiveness and proximity are invaluable For us.”

The team is using HP latex technology to ensure Orient Express stands out in the America's Cup by producing sustainable vinyl packaging for its 4,300 square meter base near the entrance to Barcelona's Port Vell.

“Being able to redesign the entire base using HP's high-quality, versatile latex printing not only enhanced its aesthetics, but also gave it a sense of identity and pride, which is very important for the athletes participating,” Fiat added.