February 1, 2023


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Data: Munsterland Research Centers Discuss Future Technologies ›WE

Research centers have also talked about the potential that still exists in virtual and augmented reality. The photo shows Irina Schaefer, a Research Center participant from Westphalian University, who is also active in the project as a Technology Scout. – Photo: © Detlef Muckel

Good data is essential for new technologies. This is as important in the areas of artificial intelligence and network production as it is in health technology. In what direction these regions could develop in the future and what potential exists in Münsterland, three of the Münsterland think tanks have now shared ideas under the Enabled Networks Münsterland project. At their third meeting, the think tanks “The Road to Networked Production”, “Staying Healthy – Lifetime” and “Digitales Münsterland” discussed topics such as the value of good data, analytical procedures in diagnosis, and the use of AI in mid-sized companies.

Each of the think tanks has its own topic of focus. However, it has become clear: Without the use of digitization, artificial intelligence and network-connected data, there is virtually no future technology,” asserts Bernd Pudding, Head of the Network Empowerment Project in Munsterland at Munsterland EV. All three think tanks received exciting input from the Fraunhofer Institute ISI Systems Research and Innovation The Institute conducted a forward looking analysis and reported on relevant technologies in the next five to ten years from the respective regions.

In the Research Center “On the Way to Networked Production”, members from the business, science and network sectors have identified several topics of great interest to Münsterland. In her view, there is still potential in technologies that enable the real and digital world to grow together, as well as in 3D printing or in new imaging processes such as special camera systems and sensors.

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The members of the “Stay Healthy – For Life” thinking group under the motto “Smart Care” dealt primarily with the question of how to combine analytical processes and smart technologies. The focal point here is the data collected about a person, from which, for example, results of care and diagnosis can arise.

At the Research Center Digitales Münsterland, the focus has been on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in medium-sized companies. Because AI is often well suited for use in medium-sized companies, but companies lack the trained eye for it. Or they consciously decide against it, because the training data is missing and it is still sometimes difficult to understand the decisions that the AI ​​makes.

The topics discussed will now be taken up again at the next meeting. Then the members want to work on more project ideas and collaborations. In addition, a meeting of all think tank members is scheduled for the fall so that they can get to know each other and network. An innovation expedition is also on the programme. Expeditions are planned to places where special developments can already be experienced. These inspirations then flow back into the area and are presented at events.

There is an overview of all think tanks and their members at muensterland.com.

Enabling Networking Munsterland

As a joint regional initiative and follow-up project to enable innovation in Munsterland, Network Empowerment Munsterland has been supporting companies and universities in Munsterland since the project began in September 2019 in developing and implementing innovations and finding the right project partners. The project consists of two packages of actions: the second component in addition to the think tanks is technology exploration. This creates five tech scouts who support companies in developing new innovations.

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The project network with Münsterland eV as the main partner consists of the economic development agencies in the Münster region and the Münster Technology Development Agency as well as regional university transfer offices and five specialized institutions promoting innovations in their industries. The project is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Economy NRW as part of the ERDF’s call for “Regio.NRW”.