June 4, 2023


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SAP initiates an AI attack using ChatGPT technology • news • onvista

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – At the start of the Sapphire Internal Expo, SAP introduced new products based on artificial intelligence (AI) similar to ChatGPT.

Among other things, deliveries should be checked and processed faster thanks to so-called generative artificial intelligence, the Waldorf-based group announced at the trade fair on Tuesday. This system, available from Q4, does not have to be trained for each customer individually.

In addition, ChatGPT technology will also be integrated into SAP’s flagship product S4/Hana. Starting next summer, the program will not only report on current disruptions in the production process, but it can also indicate possible future problems. They help, for example, to assess the risk of late payment. AI can also take over the automatic processing of commands.

In light of investor pressure, SAP announced an AI attack a few weeks ago when it presented its quarterly numbers. At the group’s recent annual general meeting, fund firm Union Investment criticized the fact that SAP has outslept some technological trends in recent years. So the group should invest billions in revenue from the sale of its AI data analytics subsidiary Qualtrics rather than perhaps in a special dividend. According to SAP, it already offers more than 60 AI applications.

On Monday, SAP announced that Microsoft’s desktop software “Copilot” would be integrated into its own software. This is based on ChatGPT.

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