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22 years since the launch of “Al-Rizq”.  A look back at the 3D shooter that stimulated gamers’ instincts with sound and light and was born in a turbulent era – GAME Watch

22 years since the launch of “Al-Rizq”. A look back at the 3D shooter that stimulated gamers’ instincts with sound and light and was born in a turbulent era – GAME Watch

Twenty-two years ago, on November 22, 2001, Sega’s shooter Rez was released on Dreamcast and PlayStation 2.

“Rez” is a third-person shooter where you fly through a cybernetic world built on solid 3DCG technology and progress while destroying a virus that is invading the world. Screen effects and sound effects are deliberately set to match the rhythm of the background music. We have introduced a system that stimulates the player’s sense of joy by synchronizing them.

In this article, we’ll use screenshots from the remastered, VR-compatible version of that work, Rez Infinite, currently distributed by Enhance, and take a look at the Rez attraction, which was released 22 years ago. .

All images are from the PS4 version of the game “Rez Infinite”. The screen configuration is basically the same as the “Rez” screen except that the resolution and aspect ratio have changed.

[الإعلان الترويجي لفيلم Rez Infinite | PS5™ / PS VR2]

It was born in 2001, a turbulent year when Sega decided to withdraw from its own hardware and enter other companies’ hardware.

2001, when “Rez” was released, was a turbulent year as Sega, which had released the game, withdrew from manufacturing and selling its own Dreamcast and hardware, and decided to provide the software for other companies’ consoles. It was developed by United Game Artists (UGA, formerly Sega’s ninth software research and development division) and led by Tetsuya Mizuguchi of current Enhance company, and was originally developed for the Dreamcast, but it was decided to provide software for other companies’ consoles. The PlayStation 2 version was also developed in parallel, resulting in a simultaneous release on both platforms. This action was one of Sega’s first games on the PlayStation 2 (the other being Crazy Taxi).

The original “Rez” title is 22 years old, but it still feels dated even when played today.

[تاكسي مجنون]

Its development is said to have taken about three years, and a documentary following the process was broadcast on a television programme. The show focused on the development team led by producer Mr. Mizoguchi, set against a backdrop of turmoil at the development site as Sega was about to withdraw its own hardware, and clearly shows their emotions, conflicts, and sometimes conflict with each other. . At the time, this work was still codenamed “K-project”, and the program was unusual in that its official title and release date had not been revealed.

My first encounter with Rez was when I was in charge of articles for Space Channel 5 that UGA released two years ago, and I continue to be in charge of articles for that work. Since it was developed by UGA, I kind of expected it to focus on visuals and audio like Space Channel 5, but I was very surprised to learn that this genre is 3D.

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The world created using wireframes and polygons seemed new at the time, when 3DCG technology, a method of creating a smooth, realistic finish, became mainstream, and was reminiscent of the “Star Wars” arcade game released by ATARI and Disney. It captured the heart of the author who grew up watching films like “Tron.”

The worldview and theatrical expression found in cyberspace seem to have a strong influence from Tron (1982).

Focus on “call and response.” Light, sound and vibration get you stuck

The game is a locked-action rail shooter, in which the player flies through an electronic world built on wireframes and polygons, progressing while destroying viruses (enemies) that are eating the world, and ending the game by defeating the boss that is destroying the world. It shows up in the end. It’s that simple. The gameplay is similar to Panzer Dragoon, also released by Sega, but there are no evasion elements or changing viewpoints, and the system uses a lock-on system to knock down enemy attacks.

Press and hold the shot button to lock the reticle on the enemy, then release the button to fire the shot.

The development team was very interested in the “call and response” aspect of the game. When the player performs an action, characters on the screen move and sound effects are produced. The game design makes players find common mechanics in games exciting.

“Call” is when you install and fire the virus, and “response” is when you destroy it. The sound effects happening at that time are deliberately synchronized with the rhythm of the background music, giving it a rich, rich touch. Feel. Returns to the player as sound. You can lock on up to eight enemies. For example, when eight enemies appear on the screen, you can lock on all of them and defeat them all at once, or you can lock on multiple enemies multiple times and defeat them. If you do this, the way the sound effect plays changes. While playing 3D imaging, you can enjoy the new experience of playing an electronic musical instrument at the same time.

The effects and sounds that occur when locking on and shooting an enemy increase the player’s enjoyment.

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As each stage progresses, the visuals and sounds are designed to become progressively more exciting, the player character will level up as they collect items, and shot effects and sound effects will change along with their appearance. . What’s interesting is that even with the same BGM on the same stage, the sound you hear changes depending on the character’s appearance.

Players who level up and change their appearance by taking support items that appear when defeating enemies. Shot effects and sounds will also change.

Furthermore, this work focused on vibration as well as images and sound. Dreamcast is compatible with the separately sold vibrating device “Purupuru Pack”. On the other hand, PlayStation 2 has also been enriched in terms of its environment, with the DUALSHOCK2 controller having a built-in vibration function, launching a special device called “transvibrator” that generates an additional vibration effect. As a Sega console gamer, I had mixed feelings about this difference (although I bought the PS2 version at the same time, of course).

Although it is a title that focuses on effects and sounds, unlike rhythm games, the sounds automatically follow the beat, so no sense of rhythm is required while playing. As a shooting game, the only attacks are locked attacks, and enemy attack patterns are generated accordingly, so it may seem a bit monotonous, but there are multiple endings that change depending on the circumstances, making it a fun shooting game. . Also available.

As the stages progress, you will gradually learn that the decorations represent the four major civilizations of the world.

The bosses named after planets are some of the highlights of the game. I’d love for you to see it in action

The sound was created by famous musicians and DJs from Japan and abroad, including composer Keiichi Sugiyama, who was then part of Wave Master (formerly Sega’s digital media production division). The sound was mainly techno music, and matched well with the stage visuals. At that time, although I loved techno music as a genre, I had a complex because I couldn’t get into the techno culture at that time, and in the back of my mind I thought of the sound of this album, ‘Isn’. Was it a bit intense?” There were times.

Then, after experiencing the HD remaster on Xbox 360 in 2008 and the current version of “Rez Infinite,” I was so ashamed of my youthful shallow preferences that I bought the soundtrack I never had. The main BGM and BGM BGM of each stage, starting with “Buggie Running Beeps 01” in Zone 1, are truly amazing, so be sure to listen to them…

The staging, which gradually changes with the sound, is also clever.

Developed over 15 years. “Rez Infinite” is compatible with VR devices and new stages have been added

Such “Rez” can now be played as an enhanced version of “Rez Infinite”. This game, which was released in 2016, has evolved to be easier to play by adding several modes that provide a wider range of gameplay as well as the “Rez” game design.

“Rez Infinite” game has evolved to become easier and easier to play. The good thing about it is that it is compatible with current hardware, so you can play it in a well-equipped gaming environment.

Among them, the biggest development point is the support for virtual reality equipment. When playing with VR equipment, in the original version you could only change the viewpoint within the range of the grid’s movement, but by moving your head you can now see in all directions, giving you the feeling of actually entering cyberspace. So. Moreover, “Zone X” will also appear where countless lights form the stage. This stage was created based on the game design that allows you to fly freely in a 3D space that is slightly different from the main game, and the immersion is doubled when playing with virtual reality equipment.

In creating this article, we used the 2001 version of “Rez” which still exists on Sega servers.Official websiteWhen I looked at it, I found that Mr. Mizoguchi at that time sent me a message saying, “This is just a passing point. Rez will continue to evolve,” and 15 years later, with “Rez Infinite,” the actual form of evolution was revealed. I was impressed by the way he presented it.

“Zone X” allows you to move freely in 3D space. You can play on a regular screen, but the impression completely changes when you play on a VR device.

Above all, I’m grateful that I was able to play “Rez” as soon as I remembered it, so I installed it on my PS5 and am currently playing it. In order to enjoy this work, I also set up wireless headphones that were a little better than those of the time. Tonight, I’d like to dive into the online world that was created 22 years ago.

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