September 16, 2021


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2021 LTO9 announced

It was already last year The LTO Consortium announced, who – which the Availability of LTO9 media and engines moving into the third quarter of 2021. DV-Dialog wanted to know more about it and asked consortium members. “Because of global travel restrictions in the last year, development has slowed down a bit,” IBM said when asked. “We now expect to be able to complete in the second half of the year.”

“Quantum CEO and Chairman Jimmy Lerner said at the annual results press conference on January 27 He isdelivery From excessive with storage products: “There was a delay in the introduction of LTO9. […] LTO9 has now been delayed until at least June. ” at all This new customer still On LTO9 Wait. But they have certainly come to the end of their analyses, experiments, and tests – and they come finally for productionThen Lerner said. “I think we’ll have to wait and see how hard you can hit the throttle with the LTO8 – or whether you’ll wait a little longer with the LTO9.” I became wait Need to know how the demand is evolving. “But the end result is the same.” There will be no difference op the New generation in a 90 days or maybe only in 180 daysn coming. in a amounts The next annual press conference for the fourth quarter on May 27 was already from One Talk about launching LTO9 in September or October.

“The main reason for the delay is the pandemic,” HPE said. “Last year’s shutdown delayed work on all media and drive prototypes – and it affected the entire schedule as a result.” The union is now working But already A press release announces the availability of the relevant media.

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Image source: Spectra Logic, Fujifilm