February 28, 2024


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[طلب]Please adjust your ad blocker exclusion settings.  – Somahon!!

[طلب]Please adjust your ad blocker exclusion settings. – Somahon!!

Please add the domain “smhn.info” to your ad blocker's exclusion settings.

We will explain the background of the order and how to cancel it.

Adblock hack 'currently unavoidable'

He uses the Sumahon!! website. Advertising revenue for daily interviews, reviews and article updates.

We've recently seen examples of adblockers showing up at the top of the App Store rankings. Our magazine's advertising revenues are also declining.

It's true that many major Japanese media outlets have been like that latelyDisplaying an abnormally large amount of ads that fill the screen」「Even if the link in the article title is clicked, a full-screen ad that the user did not intend will be displayed instead of the article.」「Hijack the back key process and display ads to prevent you from coming back.“And other very malicious methods.

This is a major downfall on the part of Google, advertisers, and major media outlets, and unfortunately, I think it's inevitable that ad blockers will become more widespread.

Request an exception to ad blocking

The original position is “I don't want to install Adblock”, but given the current situation of the web, I can't say that, what I should ask readers to do is “If you must use Adblock, please exclude our magazine domain and display ads.“.

Many ad blocks have exclusion specifications (examples of exclusions are explained later)

Our magazine will continue to reduce the amount of advertising displayed, and will not display full-screen ads that obstruct your view or malicious ads that interfere with basic browser operations. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Example of displaying ads

Google has warned us that our revenue will decrease if we do not enable various settings such as full-screen ads and automatic ad insertion, but we generally turn them off.

As mentioned above, it doesn't display malicious ads, nor does it offer detailed page sections (repeatedly clicking to advance to the next page), so you can read it by scrolling.

Here's an example of how to uninstall your ad blocker.

Example of disabling ad blocker

280 pieces

Start 280blocker then click on “Sites that allow ads” → click on add button → add smhn.info.

Vivaldi (PC/Smartphone) Embedding Blocker

Tap the block icon in the address bar and select No Blocking.

Alternatively, go to Settings → Privacy & Security → Individual Ad Blocking Settings → Add (+) button → Add smhn.info.

Brave inclusion blocker

Tap the Settings icon (lion) to bring up the pop-up and turn off the toggle button.

AdBlock Pro

Launch AdBlock Pro, open the whitelist, and add smhn.info from the add (+) button. At the very least, select “Add ads to whitelist.”

Origin of uBlock

With the target location open, press the large power button → when the blue light disappears, the location will be excluded. (The reloading UI will appear, but the settings will be saved once the button is pressed. It will simply reload to display the ad)

AdGuard for PC

Open the site and click “Verify” to disable protection.

AdGuard mobile version

Home → Protection with AdGuard → Ad Block → Website Whitelist → Add Website → Add smhn.info.

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AdblockPlus+PC on Firefox

When smhn.info is open, open Adblock Plus and uncheck “This website is smhn.info”.

Edge+AdBlock Plus mobile version

Settings → Privacy and Security → Ad Blocking → Exceptions → Add https://smhn.info.

ad nauseam

While viewing smhn.info, open AdNauseam and press the “Disable” button.


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