May 31, 2023


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[شاشة الفطر في Fortnite]When can I play?[مكافآت Twitch]- Fortnite themes

[شاشة الفطر في Fortnite]When can I play?[مكافآت Twitch]- Fortnite themes

When can I play Fortnite again? Is there something wrong with the game? What happens in Fortnite? What happened to Fortnite today? Why does the mushroom screen appear when opening Fortnite? All questions will be answered here.

Finally, the third chapter of the second season of “Fortnite” has come to an end.
In the closing event, Mekakuma’s appearance and hints leading up to the following season are revealed.

Although not published on our website, this map has already been leaked by Epic Games and includes new Battle Pass seasons and new features.

Fortnite event has expired and server has crashed. Players are wondering where the Fortnite mushroom screen will be and when they can play Fortnite again. There is also a question about what went wrong with Fortnite and what happened today. Here’s everything you need to know.

[شاشة الفطر في Fortnite]When can I play?

Fortnite mushroom screen

At the end of the live event, there is a forest-like screen with mushrooms in front of Jones and the Enterprise’s escape scene.
There is no information on when Chapter 3 of Season 2 will actually start.

Epic Games posts the above screen on SNS.
You may also see hints such as regular numbers on the screen, such as black hole events or at sea.

Currently, Twitch is going live, and you can get an emote after 30 minutes and 1 hour.
Also, since the end time for this standby screen is set as June 5 (Sunday) 16:00 JST,The teaser may be released or started at 16:00.

The teaser will be released from 16:00

When can I play Fortnite?

There is no official information on when you can play Fortnite.
But looking at the previous,Downtime is scheduled to end tomorrow, June 5th at 22:00I expect that.

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What happened to Fortnite?

You might be worried, but this doesn’t affect the game at all.
This appears to happen after the event.
It is a screen similar to the screen of a black hole and the sea displayed when crossing the seasons.

I don’t know how much downtime is, but I’ll keep you posted.