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Follow NASA's announcements after the helicopter 's first flight today

Follow NASA’s announcements after the helicopter ‘s first flight today

NASA organizes an event to confirm the first flight of ingenuity. The helicopter that comes diligently should try to soar into the atmosphere of Mars. Here’s how to follow this highly anticipated live stream.

In about thirty seconds, the ingenuity should stop touching the ground of Mars: NASA will soon attempt the first running plane of its Mars helicopter. The first data should come to Earth after a while. The space agency is planning a live event to announce to the public the results of the first test of an aircraft on another planet.

NASA was forced Postpone the first flight attempt In his Mars helicopter, initially scheduled for April 11, 2021. After considering the date 14 Avril, The choice of space agency is now 19 Avril. On that day, the helicopter should not fly before 9:30 am (Paris time). But it is necessary to wait a while for the reception of the first data, so to start directly from NASA.

  • When? If the helicopter flight goes as planned, it will start live from 12:15 pm (Paris time).
  • Or? Surely Web TV From NASA, and directly YouTube channel Or Law Page Facebook To Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • What? A live event conducted by NASA to confirm the ingenuity of the first flight to Mars.

If all goes as planned, NASA is expected to hold another post-flight conference scheduled for KST at 8 p.m.

A big challenge for this little robot

Ingenuity helicopter diligence is in addition to the rover’s main task. On February 18, the giant robot landed on the red planet, carrying its little mate under its belly. After a deployment that took several days, the rover will place the ingenuity in the soil of Mars. This final separation between the two machines opened a window of 30 souls (Tuesday name) or 31 landscape days. Ingenuity must do its job, i.e. tell all checks and attempted thefts within this period.

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NASA is intelligently considering a maximum of 5 attempted thefts. The first test is not a long journey: the helicopter must take off and then rest on Mars, about thirty seconds, to reach a maximum altitude of 3 meters.

This is where the first flight of ingenuity should go. // Source: Nino Barbie to Numarama

For this, it is equipped with two blades, which make 2,400 revolutions per minute. Only based on the results of this initial flight can the US space agency decide to plan a second attempt (as in subsequent tests, each time assuming that the intelligence continues to work properly).

Mars’ ingenuity is observed with diligent mastcom-is. // Source: NASA / JBL-Caltech / ASU (carved photo)

Pictures of its aircraft are expected

No scientific instrument equips intelligence, whose main task is to demonstrate technological flight on Mars. However, it does have two cameras: one in black and one in white, and one in color to take pictures of its surroundings. The first picture taken by a helicopter, Shows that while still under perseverance, you should not expect breathtaking quality. This is not surprising: it should be easy to believe that this robot, which weighs just 1.8 kg, will leave for Mars. So the space allotted for its devices is less. Nevertheless, NASA noted that accurate images should be obtained during flights that are slightly higher than this first draft.

During helicopter tests, the diligent rover must stop at a distance of 100 meters. That way, he can observe the scene, so there may be some interesting shots of ingenious planes to send to Earth. Its remoteness also ensures that in the event of an accident to the intellect, its own purpose is not in danger.

Once the ingenuity has completed its mission, it will be abandoned by diligence. The rover will continue to explore the Xero gorge and collect soil samples from Mars. His models are intended to return to Earth one day.

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