October 1, 2022


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Environment Day "Pikmin Bloom" from the 5th of June!!  Let's take a look at the surrounding scenery while Pikmin Bloom is working[Playlog # 153]|  Famitsu application for information about smartphone games

Environment Day “Pikmin Bloom” from the 5th of June!! Let’s take a look at the surrounding scenery while Pikmin Bloom is working[Playlog # 153]| Famitsu application for information about smartphone games

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Bikmin Bloom

Feel the coming rainy season and climate change

How many people remember that June 5, 2022 is the start of “Environment Day”?

This is one of the international days held to commemorate the birth of the United Nations Environment Program at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm on 5 June 1972.

Simply put, it is about deepening the understanding of environmental conservation and carrying out such activities.

This is the 153rd gameplay record, and if you’re walking, let’s take a look at the surroundings.

If you are walking around the city planting flowers and your line of sight changes slightly, you may discover something unexpected.


Look at her because she specializes in walking

I brought it up to this thread“Environment Day”Mainly targeting the whole month of JuneEnvironment monthFrom the 5th to the 11th of JuneEnvironment WeekThere are two ways.

During that period, local governments, businesses, the Ministry of Environment, etc.Interested in protecting the environment?We are holding an event for you to attend

June 5th is exactly todayThe first day of Environment WeekFor this.

So why did you choose these topics this time?

Niantic, which develops and operates this business, is said to have an Earth Day, a sustainable campaign, etc.Environmental Protection InitiativesThis is because they are actively doing it.

■ Sustainable Niantic Campaign

■ Articles related to Earth Day

especiallyThere is no official announcementHowever, since it is an app that allows you to focus on walking, you can look at the environment around you, get a sense of the current situation, and pick up trash as you walk.The challenge to protect the environment everyone can doan act.

It would be nice to try like this week or month.

The environmental problems that led to the series

If you have experience running the original ‘Pikmin’ series,Is this stage not the ground?Everyone should feel it at once.

Specifically, if the formula is soI didn’t make a statementHowever, it is very similar to Earththe end of the planetThere is no doubt that it is.

Not to mention the Niantic, Pikmin and environmental issuesI can’t separate it even if I cut itThe author believes.

It would be nice to put a layer of Pikmin on a beautiful landscape and take a picture,rusty empty boxleaking batteries,broken hardwareSomething perfect for their view of the world.

By all means and from different points of viewFeel the worldsLet’s go!!

pikublogkankyo04 write

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