December 4, 2022


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How many different-colored Pokemon were caught in Pokemon Go GO Fest 2022?  --Dengeki Online

How many different-colored Pokemon were caught in Pokemon Go GO Fest 2022? –Dengeki Online

IOS/Android apps are available from Niantic, Inc. and Pokemon“Pokemon GO”in, “Pokemon Go Fest 2022The event was held.

In this article, I will introduce you to the different Pokemon colors I got during the event.

How many different colors did the electric shock book get?

In this event, different colors of mushroom, numel, karrablast, axew, sheltmet and unown B have been added.

You have to get this! Therefore, while doing a special research with all the authors of electric shocks, I searched for different colors.

On the first day, there are only 3 animals, and they are very small. Moreover, the electric shock starter has 3 lighters, the others have 0 lighters, which is something that causes some pain.

However, it was a good thing that the new mushrooms had different colors and that Dunsparce, who had a low appearance rate, had different colors!

It’s not annoying to leave 0 animals as is, so on the second day, a special search will be done in moderation, so look for different colors!

It’s good that I was excited, but I wasn’t able to meet at all even after searching for two hours. Yes, I knew it wasn’t easy to find…

By the way, I had to complete a field research mission with a special research. I’ve cleared the quests that Pokémon can get, so let’s complete it.

Blue Pokémon’s appearance… I mean, different colors appeared in places that had nothing to do with it!?

No, this should be a sign of different colored Pokémon appearing! When I was looking around, a different color of Pikachu soon appeared, which was limited to the event! Yes ah ah!

This is the end of the momentum. It never showed up from here… However, I am satisfied that I was able to get different colors of the limited edition Pikachu!

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By the way, other electric shock lighters got Buizel, Turtwig, Wailmer and two new Axews! it is good.

So, I got 10 Pokemon of different colors (including blue) in total during the Electric Shock Book event! How much did you get?

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