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[برج الشبح]Pick up the ruins of "D-03" and the location of the treasure chest[برج الخيال]|  AppMedia

[برج الشبح]Pick up the ruins of “D-03” and the location of the treasure chest[برج الخيال]| AppMedia

Information on how to get to the D-03, the ruins of the Phantom Tower (Fantasy Tower), and the locations of treasure chests. We also post weaknesses and pick up points for the rubble boss “D-03”, so please use them when you take over the Phantom Tower.

Ruins Walkthrough List

Basic information about Ruins D-03

world map
Phantom Tower - Fantasy Tower_Roens
Difficulty level demand level request GS The number of treasure chests
easy 39 10640 2
Normal 55 33330 Investigation
Difficult 67 69420 Investigation

You can get a portion of Arke’s “V-type Mecha”

Phantom Tower_Tower of Fantasy_Arche can be obtained
You can’t get the main body of D-03, but you can get V-type mecha shards as a bonus. By collecting pieces, you can raise the order of your V type mecha, and its performance will be improved, such as preventing status diseases during operation and increasing damage, so be sure to remove them when you have time.
Type 5 mecha skills and how to get them

He might be attacked once he’s revived

D-03 is a wreck that transforms into a boss room as soon as it enters. Like other ruins, if you fall, you can start over in the rubble, but if the timing is bad, you may be in combat when you resurrect, you may be hit by a missile and fall again.

If you fall a few times, the attack will stop, but if it’s annoying, let’s leave the ruins and start over.

Treasure chest location in Ruins D-03

List of treasure chest locations

place Difficulty / Details
Phantom Tower of Fantasy Ruins easyEnter and at the table in front of you on the right. Be careful not to fall because you cannot climb the platform under the treasure chest.
Phantom Tower of Fantasy _ Ruins easyEnter and on the front left table. Be careful not to fall because you cannot climb the platform under the treasure chest.
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* Only those that have been confirmed are published.

Wreck D-03 coach strategic points

Basic information about the “Ice Dragon of Different Dimensions” boss

Phantom Tower of Fantasy_Rowens
Ice Dragon will focus on long range attacks like missiles from the sky. In rare cases, he also performs a mowing attack with his tail. Because of his height in the sky,Melee weapons cannot attack properly.

It is recommended to set up a means to attack high places such as long range weapons and multiple Arke missiles, or focus on dodging and recovering when you are in the air.

Attack chance after special move

Phantom Tower_Tower of Fantasy_Ruins
As the ice dragon was so difficult to attack, it was almost impossible to interfere with its special movement. A large amount of guidance missiles will be scattered, so let’s run away with all your might.

If the rockets scatter somewhat, the main body will fall. This also receives damage when the main body falls,The Ice Dragon would also remain on the ground in a daze for a while.It is an opportunity to attack even with melee weapons, so let’s use high power weapons and attack with all your might.

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