September 27, 2023


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Added "Pikmin Bloom" Museum and Mountain Deco in Community[Playlog # 200]|  Famitsu smartphone game information app

Added “Pikmin Bloom” Museum and Mountain Deco in Community[Playlog # 200]| Famitsu smartphone game information app

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Bikmin Bloom

Hit the detector down in the long awaited sunflower community

On August 27, 2022, an additional Pikmin Bloom Community Day was held.

For Fukatsu, who postponed the 13th due to the typhoon, this day is an important day that should never be missed.

It’s a bit of a tricky development that on the same day as Pokemon GO’s “GO Fest 20022 Finale” big event…

This time, running record 200, you can catch the Pokemon you want while collecting the sunflower extract.

In addition, we will report on the results of targeting two types of decorator combinations, the unearned “mountain” and the lost “museum”.


Community leisurely on top of the mountain

While the number of new decorations is increasing, Fukatsu, who does not have time to go to the target area, feels that the last pic’s activities are completely unsatisfactory.

there“lockdown problem”Staggered and appears to be incomplete combustion.

It was the first event that happened after liberation from such problemsThis extra communityhe is.

The area you chose is Ueno Park.

Today’s temperature forecastMake 10,000 steps fast in the morningAnd in the workplace“Suribachiyama Burial Mound”Headed to the top

pikublogcomyamakan02 writing

The park was crowded with “Pikmin Bloom” and “Pokemon GO” players,Relatively cold at the topEasy to pass time.

was aimingReveal the decoration of mountains and museumsThe mountain top is exactly the best location.

All was well until I sat down on a bench in the shade and started bombing the detector, but the only hits were the museums.

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In the end, by the time you have completed 3 types of mountain decorations,Use the detector 23 timesI managed to get it6 mountain seedlingsWhile22 Seedlings Art MuseumI managed to achieve my goal with amazing balance.

Sunflower petals and extracts are also collected

It is not the base, but the extractor and the petals that are the subject of the communityCollect as much as you canThis is Fukatsu’s secret fun.

This time, by hitting the big flowerNew function to press the feedhe is.

It’s an area with a lot of big flowers, but I got 1,000 extracts and 1,000 petals in the morning.

Thanks to that, I was able to focus on the “Pokemon GO” event from the afternoon.

pikublogcomyamakan11 write

By the way, he often chooses Fukatsu Ueno Park,Communication environment during eventsAroundI can’t recommend it enough

Prioritizing the advantage of being relatively close to home and easy walking, on days like this time when events overlap“There is no good source”defy.

“Pikmin Bloom” is mainly about walking, so even if you can compromise, it’s a bit difficult for “Pokemon GO”, who wants to catch as many as possible because it’s been so carefully chosen.

If the “entry” event overlaps thereIm in a hurryhe is.

Well, I’m really glad that the extra community ended up safely.

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