May 30, 2024


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[الحل]An error occurred and the iPhone could not be restored. AnyFix announced | iMobie press release

iMobie Inc. AnyFix updates to version V2.2.4.0 on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. This latest update adds new features to solve the issue where you cannot restore your iPhone using iTunes due to an error. Users can repair iTunes and restore iPhone with just a few clicks.

AnyFix official website:

Restoring an iPhone is the process of returning your device to its previous state when something went wrong or something went wrong. This means repairing your device's system software and restoring your data and settings to their original state. Restore is done to address various issues such as abnormal behavior, system crash, data loss, etc. However, when you try to restore your iPhone to solve system issues, you may not be able to restore your iPhone. If you see the message “Your iPhone could not be restored because an error occurred,” you may feel confused and stressed. This article will focus on this problem and provide the solution.

Part 1. Reasons why the message “iPhone could not be restored because an error occurred” appears.
There are several reasons why this error message may appear. Here are some of the main reasons.
1.iTunes problems: This can happen if iTunes is not the latest version or there is a problem with the software.
2. USB cable or port failure: Errors may occur due to poor communications.
3. Overlapping security programs: Security software may block the connection between your iPhone and your computer.
4. Lack of storage: If you don't have enough storage space on your iPhone or computer, you may not be able to restore them.

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Part 2. Solutions when the message “An error occurred and your iPhone cannot be restored” appears.
Solution 1 Restart your iPhone and computer
Restarting your iPhone and computer may help resolve temporary software issues. The error may be resolved. After the restart, try to restore your iPhone again.
Restart your iPhone:
Step 1. Press and hold the power button and the home button (or side button) of your iPhone at the same time.
Step 2. Press and hold the button until you see the Apple logo, then release.
Step 3. Once the power is completely turned off, press and hold the power button again to restart your iPhone.
Restart your computer:
Step 1. Select Restart from the Start menu.

Solution 2 Check if iTunes is updated to the latest version
If your iTunes version is outdated, you won't be able to restore your iPhone. Please update iTunes to the latest version and then try to restore.
Step 1. Launch iTunes and click “Help” option in the menu bar.
Step 2. Select “iTunes Update” from the drop-down menu. A window will appear asking if you can update iTunes to make sure you have the latest version.
Step 3. If an update is available, follow the instructions to start the update process.

Solution 3: Use professional software “AnyFix”
AnyFix is ​​a tool to fix various issues on iOS devices. This includes issues with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. It can fix more than 150 iOS issues such as unrecoverable iPhone and Apple loop without data loss. AnyFix is ​​a very reliable software with a proven track record and high ratings from users.

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Reasons why we recommend AnyFix:
1. Intuitive interface and one-click operation make it easy for users to solve problems.
2. Apple and Microsoft certified developer, tested and provides reliable and secure solutions.
3. We provide fast and efficient customer support. Experts are available to help users solve their problems and questions.

Click here to download AnyFix for free and let's try it together.

AnyFix official website:

Step 1. Run AnyFix and click “Repair iTunes”.