May 21, 2024


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April 2024 update released for OPPO Reno9 A – OPPO Lab

April 2024 update released for OPPO Reno9 A – OPPO Lab

OPPO Japan is a smartphone that was released last year.「OPPO Reno 9A」towardsThe April 2024 update has been releasedan act

In the software update distributed this month,Aimed at improving security functionalityThe contents are as follows.

As far as is known, updates are currently only available for SIM-free models.

OPPO Reno9 A April 2024 update content

OPPO is a smartphone「OPPO Reno 9A」The April 2024 software update has been released for SIM-free models.

The April 2024 Update includes Android security patch updates,April 5, 2024 applies to deviceswill be done.

Quantity of update dataAbout 136 MBIt is recommended to update in a Wi-Fi environment with a stable connection.

The build number of OPPO Reno9 A after applying the update is『CPH2523_13.1.0.530(EX01)』You will become.

Will it be distributed successively to versions other than the SIM-free version?

Currently, the models for which the OPPO Reno9 A April 2024 update has been implemented are:The SIM-free model is sold directly by OPPOHe is.

For the Rakuten version sold on Rakuten Mobile, as of April 23, 2024,No update information has been releasedTherefore, it seems that it has not started yet.

As of April 23, the Reno9 A has not received an update this month.

Sold by YMobileY mobile phone version! (Model number is A302OP)Additionally, no information about the update has been released.

On the other hand, even if the update information is not published on the Y!Mobile homepage,Situations in which software updates are performedthere.

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At least for carrier models, delivery tends to be delayed compared to SIM-free models.Pay attention to update notifications arriving on your device and announcements from your current carrierThis is the place I would like to stay.

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