September 16, 2021


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Windows 11 Microsoft atualizações PCs hardware

Microsoft will block Windows 11 updates on older PCs

The good news from Microsoft yesterday is that Windows 11 can still reach many potential users. Limitations and specifications do not change, but this system can be installed on older PCs.

With the extra information that has just come out, this idea that seemed right to users may have been shattered. After all, Microsoft may block the Windows 11 update on older PCs.

Since the release of Windows 11 by Microsoft, there has been some confusion among many users. This is a new system that many people want to try, but there are some limitations to its security.

The mandatory presence of TPM 2.0 and secure boot is driving many users away, but this is not the only limitation. Processors that Microsoft claims to support, have now been extended, are limited and leave many PCs without access to this computer.

The gospel we presented yesterday will allow many to transgress these limits. Microsoft will allow older PCs to get Windows 11 using the ISOs of this new system.

Now everything changes again Shared information By the software company on this topic. After all, the software company does not guarantee any Windows 11 updates, so this system is out of date and prone to problems.

Windows 11 updates Microsoft PC hardware

This problem goes even further when it comes to Windows 11 updates. It will also prevent Microsoft from installing new drivers and new security fixes, which are essential to keep the system fully updated and free of issues.

It is clear that Microsoft wants Microsoft users to upgrade their machine hardware to get Windows 11.

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