September 16, 2021


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“Solidarity with Afghan women” rally in Paris

Released Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 9:00 AM.

Hundreds of women gathered at the invitation of women’s unions, trade unions and political parties in Paris on Saturday to express “solidarity” with Afghan women, the Taliban’s “privileged targets”, AFP reporters in the square said.

Banners proclaiming “Unstable solidarity for Afghan women”, “Stand up with Afghan women against the Taliban”, “Right to threaten anyone”, “Refugee rights, welcome, hospitality for Afghan women”, protesters “Women in solidarity around the world”.

In Afghanistan, “many years of lead reappear. Privileged target: women”, with thirty or more organizations calling for a demonstration near the Foreign Ministry. “France must urgently welcome on its soil any person who could be harmed by the power of the Taliban,” they say.

“We remember what happened between 1996 and 2001, especially when women were not allowed to go out without a man and were no longer allowed to work. .

For the evicted people in France, “they should benefit” from the right of asylum “without any problem” and “any threatened person who asks to come to France can do so. The people already there are demanding to be reunited. The family can get it,” he added.

Among the protesters, Sandrin (first name changed) is considered “important to come”. “We are there to protect women, but there are many men who enjoy the fact that we have freed them,” he laments to AFP.

Ruth, a 24-year-old student and “human rights activist in general,” sees the situation in Afghanistan as “a scandal” and “the negligence of the international community.”

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Eva, 53, “Supports Women and People in Afghanistan”. Patrice Jacob, 34, who co-referred to Generation-S in Paris, who came “with unity for Afghan women and all Afghans”, described the number of Afghans to France as “a better country” than “absurd”.

Hidden under a dark blue burqa, a sign hung on her back saying, “After August 31, do not forget them.” At 28, she has lived in France for 7 years, she admits, but “the whole family is there”.