April 18, 2024


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Zoran Drvenkars Kinderroman "Pandekraska Pampernella"

Zoran Drvenkars Kinderroman “Pandekraska Pampernella”

sAndekraska Pampernella, eleven years old, is a princess from the Kingdom of Florin and has a name similar to her: unusual and slightly buzzing. She can ride, make her way anytime and shrink adult men in an emergency. She never left the mansion without her historian, bodyguard, and one of her excellent haircuts with cool names like “Pop Up the Mountain” or “Frizzy Allover”. She receives gifts from Angelina Jolie and goes swimming with Johnny Depp. It goes without saying that it was the Pope himself who baptized them. What should this girl be missing?

Above all, best friend. And that’s exactly what Pandekraska Pampernella wants you to find in the book of the same name by successful children’s book author Zoran Drvenkar. The princess’s parents care a lot about their daughter and prefer their car kit and long-term lemonade regimen. Pandekraska has – how could it be otherwise – an extraordinary godmother. But apart from her and the loyal servants of the palace, she feels extremely lonely in the life of Bandicraska. This has to change with the help of an elaborate girlfriend algorithm.

A little bit of a road movie, a little bit of excitement

In turn, she tells the princess and her faithful historian Domingo Iglesias de Sacramento, better known as Don Pluto, about this eventful search. Drvenkar’s book is fast, fun and funny, a little bit of the road movie, a little bit of the thriller and crime thriller. Because instead of a best friend, the young princess has a formidable enemy and a great secret, and her complete solution must be revealed in other Pandekraska books. Readers can look forward to this sinister, never-in-person enemy if she is like the other female characters in the book. Because not only Pandekraska, but also the girls you meet during the story are great characters. Not fun, but it has the best meanings of the word: self-confident and crazy, but also sometimes unsympathetic, arrogant, and insecure. The fact that Pandekraska’s girlfriend is hard to find has to do with the fact that it doesn’t make it easy for the candidates: “I hate tennis,” Vicky said burped. I’ve seen that. ‘ She gave me a cynical look. “You knew that and still you were challenging me ?!” I couldn’t resist. ”

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With sophisticated characters and a story full of jokes and ideas, it’s surprising that “Pandekraska Pampernella” sometimes uses a very flat cliché. The Irish have so many children that they can barely distinguish between them, and the villain Pov Stroganoff is of course Russian. Now it’s not a bad thing to play with the cliché. But tone of voice matters. One syllable is completely inhumane. About children in India, he says: “Once he was caught in a group of begging children who pulled his clothes on and grabbed his legs. It was like wading in mud. My bodyguard dragged the children with him a few meters away, then left him. It was later discovered that they had stolen the cell phone. From his jacket. “