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Two Trips to Provence – An author from Chemnitz published his version

30.04.2021 – 11:40

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Today I would like to present to you Stefan Chuck’s novel Two Journeys to Provence.

This novel, which is actually a very comprehensive narrative, is actually two that start, act, and end with Albert Camus. In addition to the French philosopher, two men are the focus of “Two Journeys to Provence”, who never meet at first, especially since they seem to live at different times, and even when they do meet, they know nothing about what they are actually communicating with each other – a fourth person is always present . So the only thing left for the guys, Albert Camus, is literature and two trips to Provence. Because: “The highest form of hope is the despair that has been overcome.”

Curious? I would be happy if I learned more about this book and wanted to read it and then decided whether to publish a review on the book. Do you have any questions about the book? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a reading copy? You can inquire from me directly at [email protected].

For the book: Two Trips to Provence By Stefan Chuck, 214 pages, 14.40 euros, ISBN: 978-3-949234-01-9

About the author:

Stefan Chuck

• Born in February 1957 in Frankenberg / Saxony

• Childhood and youth in Beit Falouha

The parent’s home was seen as a catalyst for his own activism due to his unusually great attraction to art and culture, but especially to literature

• Abitor in 1975

• Then military service with a tank unit

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• From 1978 to 1982 Studies in Transport Economics at the University of Transport at the time “Friedrich’s List” in Dresden

Graduated as an engineer and economist in 1982

• Then I worked in the locally managed transportation system in what was then known as the GDR until the political change

• Since 1990 he has been particularly active in journalism and marketing – since 1998 with Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG

• Particularly in the 1980s, participating in various circles that dealt with literature in the “active form”, including the “writing workers circle” from Heckert Combine in what was then Karl Marx Diaspora

The first publications of aphorisms and short stories in the 1980s in newspapers and magazines, especially in “Sächsische Neuesten Nachrichten” published at the time

• 1989 Collaboration in Greifenverlag zu Rudolstadt published AphorismenAnthologie with (for the conditions of the German Democratic Republic) program title “Kurz und Mündig”

• For some time now more intense writing activity, from which the small volume “A Taste of Childhood” originated at the beginning of 2012; Posted by Kern-Verlag in Bayreuth

• In the spring of 2014, fhl-Verlag in Leipzig will publish the novel Feuerschlange, with strong regional and autobiographical elements

“Since the 100th anniversary of Albert Camus’s birth in 2013, the works and life of this French writer and philosopher have not left me. The little book written during this time is also an expression for me to understand his attitude towards life.” Stephane Chuck

I am glad to hear from you.


Hook Wagner

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