June 28, 2022


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ZHIYUN、プロフェッショナルDSLRジンバル「WEEBILL 3」を発表

ZHIYUN announces “WEEBILL 3” gimbal for mirrorless cameras.Improving usability by adopting the new design SLING 2.0 – PRONEWS: Digital Video Production Web Magazine

ZHIYUN announced the release of a new gimbal “WEEBILL 3” for mirrorless cameras.

WEEBILL 3 uses lightweight and strong materials and adopts a new ergonomic design SLING 2.0. The SLING 2.0 system includes three ergonomic upgrades. “L-shaped handle reconstructed to be stable when self-supporting”, “New wrist rest”, “Repositionable, extendable and retractable sling grip” Reduces weight on the arm and 40% more wrist or more support. By reducing the burden on the wrist, it does not make you feel tired even if you use it for a long time. Additionally, by arranging the lever-grip at the bottom of the mount, it is said to be effective in stabilizing when shooting at low angles and preventing camera shake.

The grip comes with a thumb button, a small movement joystick, a finger trigger and a wheel, and can be customized according to the shooting mode and movement parameters (camera part, axis movement, focus tracking, etc.).

ZHIYUN announces professional DSLR camera

It has a built-in Hi-Fi microphone and a light that fills up 1,000 lumens, and is said to be able to do this quickly and efficiently from setup to shooting. With these built in accessories, the photographer can shoot without worrying about extra wires or the weight of the accessories. The microphone has a forward facing and noise canceling function, and the bright fill lamp can adjust the color temperature according to the scene.

The company offers an ecosystem of ‘TransMount’ accessories that expands the capabilities of WEEBILL 3. By combining WEEBILL 3, the TransMount image transmitter and the ‘MasterEye Visual Controller VC100’, the director can check the shooting status by transmitting images wirelessly and adjusting parameters such as focus Zoom in by remote control. In addition, accessories such as the company’s own focus/zoom unit and the “ZY Play App” are also available.

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WEEBILL 3 has upgraded the built-in battery to 7800 mAh compared to the previous version, and it can be used for up to 21 hours. In addition, it supports PD fast charging (0-100% in 2 hours) and pass-through charging (5V/1A) for the attached camera, achieving durability with minimal downtime.

The company’s latest quick-release system is equipped with a dual quick-release plate with an integrated magnetic wrench. You only need to balance the camera once, then you don’t have to adjust the balance, you can easily, quickly and easily install and repair it frequently.