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Is life still present in the atmosphere of Venus? Suggest new research | Gadget Tsushin GetNews

Is life still present in the atmosphere of Venus? New research suggests

[▲ صورة لكوكب الزهرة تم إنشاؤها بناءً على بيانات المراقبة الخاصة بمسبار فينوس “أكاتسوكي” (لون زائف. الائتمان: فريق مشروع PLANET-C)]

from the University of Cambridge’s Institute of AstronomyShawn JordanResearch team led byStudying the possibility of life in the atmosphere of VenusWe announced the new research results.Venus in the atmospheresulfur dioxideThe research team that focused on (SO2) and proceeded with the analysis in this researchI did not find any evidence that could lead to signs of lifededuce it.

■ Is metabolism the cause of the decrease in sulfur dioxide in the clouds?

Earth’s surface temperatureAbout 480°CAtmospheric pressureAbout 90 ATMs..the main component of the atmosphere iscarbon dioxideand thicksulfuric acid cloudcovers the sky. I do not believe that life can exist on Venus, where there is such an environment,certain heightAtmospheric pressure (about 50-60 km)About 1 ATMand temperatureWater exists in a liquid stateSome researchers“Isn’t there life in the atmosphere of Venus?”I suspect.

September 2020, Cardiff UniversityJane GreavesThe leading international research group on the atmosphere of Venus.phosphineWe announced the results of the research that (hydrogen phosphate, PH3) was detected. Phosphine on Earth is a substance derived from life activities produced by anaerobic microorganisms (except for those related to the activities of human civilization). This discovery was made because the process by which life-free phosphine was produced on rocky planets such as Earth and Venus was unknown..The possibility of life on Venus

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Attracting attention as you might point out.

* … on Jupiter and Saturn, phosphine, which appears to have been produced by an abiotic process, has been detected indoors at high temperature and pressure.About the discovery of phosphinePros and Cons

It is said that phosphine marks were captured as a result of re-examination of observational data from previous Venus exploration missions, and that phosphine could be produced biologically if volcanic activity occurred on Venus. Those that misinterpret the signal derived from atmospheric sulfur dioxide have been announced as Venus as one phosphine after another.
Does life exist on Venus? The mission to approach the puzzle is set to begin in 2023
Is Venus’ phosphine derived from volcanic activity, not life? New research results show potential
・Does the flower still contain phosphine? Research results by analyzing surveillance data from more than 40 years ago

・ Unknown chemical reaction? Is Life Involved? Phosphine Discovered From Venus’ AtmosphereThis time, Jordan and his colleagues focused on sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere to look for signs of life that might inhabit Venus. If life lived in the atmosphere of Venus,The possibility of using sulfur in the metabolism process

This is because in previous research it was indicated that there is.Jordan, who likened sulfur compounds to food, said: I do not want to eat you or eat you,The main source of energy he can useThis is it. “If life consumes food (sulfur compounds) as evidence,Some chemicals increase or decrease in the atmosphere

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You should be able to see it doing. “(Jordan)According to the research team, on VenusHigh concentration of sulfur dioxide under the cloudsExist but above itReduced in large numbers in the cloud layerIt is said.At the top of the cloudPhotochemical reaction to produce sulfuric acidHowever, the observed concentration of sulfur dioxide is lower than expected from the photochemical reaction, and it is possible that there is an unknown chemical pathway.Dr. Oliver Shorttel“If life exists, it must have an effect on the chemistry of the atmosphere.Is life the cause of sulfur dioxide levels on Venus dropping significantly?


■ The expected presence of metabolites does not match the observationssuggested in previous studies3 types of sulfur metabolismWhen the research team conducted an analysis that combined the atmospheric model and the biochemical model,Metabolism may lead to a decrease in sulfur dioxide

has been shown.However, in this case, as a metaboliteHydrogen / oxygen / water / hydrogen sulfideIt is said that a large amount of these particles will be generated. However, the presence of these particles, which are expected to be metabolites, is due to volcanic activity.non-vital resource

does not conflict with.From this, the research teamThe proposed sulfur metabolism cannot explain the decrease in sulfur dioxide in the clouds

deduced. The research team was looking for life-threatening evidence, but Jordan commented, “It was not a viable solution.” “If life is implicated in the levels of sulfur dioxide observed on Venus, it would also overturn all our knowledge of Venus’s atmospheric chemistry,” (Jordan).The research team will begin large-scale observations from 2022 this year.James Webb

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We hope that our observations of exoplanets will give us a better understanding of the viability of life on planets like Venus.

Image Credit: PLANET-C . Project Team
University of Cambridge – No signs (yet) of life on Venus

Jordan et al. proposed energy metabolism cannot explain Venus’ atmospheric chemistry

Text / Matsumura Takehiro

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