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Xbox Indie Showcase with Stalker 2 on March 26th

From Sarah Betsolt
Microsoft has announced an indie showcase on Twitz for March 26, 2021, which will feature sniper Stalker 2. Unfortunately, no new game scenes were found.

Xbox fans should mark March 26, 2021 in red on their calendar. In collaboration with ID Xbox and Twitch, a special showcase livestream will take place at 5:00 pm German time, with various indie titles in development at the center – including Stalker 2.

The game trailer announcement creates confusion

Glenn Gregory, Senior Marketing Manager, ID ாக் Xbox In the official press release Viewers can expect “exclusive new trailers and gameplay premieres for more than 25 special games” including titles such as Second Destruction, The Ascent, The Wild at Heart, Whitrain, Exo One and “Updates for Stalker 2”. Stalker 2’s note caused a stir on the internet because shooter fans are expecting a trailer that reveals a gameplay.

However, the developers of Stalker 2 announced on Twitter that their title ID காண would be part of the Xbox Livestream, but no game trailer has been (yet) produced:

Instead, there is a video demonstration of the game with game screen shots and a video showing the work of the developers behind the scenes of Stalker 2. However, the group promises that by late 2021 there will be “bigger and louder expressions”.

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According to Microsoft, while Stalker fans may have to wait a while for the first real game footage of the shooter, it is still worth switching to the Xbox Showcase: in addition to the various presentations of the new games, viewers can find out when and when the indie titles Xbox Game Boss will appear. In addition, the company promises to distribute game keys during various developer interviews and streams.

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