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Galaxy S20 Price Fall: Here you can get Samsung phone at low price

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is in the free fall and comes at a cheaper and cheaper price. We will show you where to buy a cell phone at a cheap price.

It was released on March 13, 2020 Samsung Galaxy S20. At the time, a standard cell phone with 128 gigabytes of memory would cost you a whopping 899 euros. Meanwhile, models of the Galaxy S20 series saw a sharp drop in prices. Sometimes you can find them even for less than 600 euros.

We are looking for the current best offers for Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, FE and Ultra, and show our results in an overview.

What do you think are the differences between the different models in the S20 range? You can find our answer Comprehensive Galaxy S20 comparison.

Improvements on the Galaxy S10

its true The predecessor of the Galaxy S20 is now also coming cheap Available, but in a direct comparison the S20 can earn points with the following features:

  • The display delivers 120 Hz
  • Simultaneous use with memory card and additional SIM card (thanks to eSIM)
  • The cameras offer high optical zoom
  • The larger the battery, the faster it charges

However, the Galaxy S20 has more advantages than its predecessor. That’s how it is Galaxy S10 In addition to the S10 Lite, it is equipped with a 3.5mm audio connector for your headphones. Samsung does without it on the Galaxy S20.

However, it is with it Samsung Galaxy S20 FE A cell phone from a manufacturer that offers good compromise between the S10 and S20.

Want to reach S20 or heir?

The Galaxy S21, the successor to the S20, appeared recently, so is it still worth buying the phone? We clearly answer yes. In Quick test We noticed that the S21 is slightly more than the slightly tuned Galaxy S20 than the completely redesigned cell phone.

While the successor brings with it some extensive improvements, such as a faster processor or ultra-broadband technology, the S21 Ultra has only real innovations. In addition, the S21 does not even have features.

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Samsung Galaxy S21: 10 Most Important Innovations

Samsung Galaxy S21: 10 Most Important Innovations

No more SD card slot. In addition, unlike the S20, the standard version of the S21 is only available with a plastic back instead of glass. Nevertheless, Samsung’s latest flagship costs you significantly more The S21 is already falling in price Start.

Never miss a deal again

Distributors want Media Mark, Amazon Or Saturn With countless deals. Things are hard to keep track of. Netsveld checks the offers of various distributors at regular intervals for you.

We will tell you how much you actually save through the said bargain and whether the device is worth buying. Current contracts can be found in our section “BargainYou can also subscribe to our Bargain Newsletter to avoid missing a deal.

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