June 18, 2024


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Writers strike: AMPTP publicly shares its latest proposed package on the WGA

Writers strike: AMPTP publicly shares its latest proposed package on the WGA


The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) shared in a press release the latest package of proposed terms for the Writers Guild of America (WGA) as part of strike negotiations.

The proposed package from AMPTP includes a pay increase, which the studios say is the highest pay increase for the WGA in 35 years. Some of the remaining wages will be increased, according to the statement.

Additionally, written material produced by the AI ​​will not be considered literature and viewing data will be shared confidentially with the WGA so there is an increase in data transparency, the statement says.

AMPTP has included a four-page document that the organization says was awarded to the WGA as part of the negotiations. CNN has reached out to the WGA for comment.

“Our priority is to end the strike so that our valued members of the creative community can get back to what they’re good at and end the hardships faced by so many people and companies serving the industry,” said AMPTP President Carole Lombardini. , in the current situation. “We have brought to the table an offer that meets the priority concerns expressed by the writers. We are deeply committed to ending the strike and hope that the WGA will work towards the same decision.”

However, in response, the WGA disputed the notion that the latter offer was made in good faith.

“This was not a meeting to make a deal. This was a meeting to get us to the cave, which is why, 20 minutes after we left the meeting, AMPTP released its summary of its proposals,” the union said in a statement.

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Earlier this month, the WGA and AMPTP agreed to resume negotiations for the first time since the writers’ strike.

The current standoff, which began in early May, has already outlasted the bitter strike of 2007-2008 that crippled much of Hollywood. The longest writers’ strike ever spanned 154 days in 1988.

CNN’s John Pasantino and Ramisha Marouf contributed to this report