July 25, 2024


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Justin Bieber couldn’t stop grabbing his crotch after leaving a restaurant

Justin Bieber couldn’t stop grabbing his crotch after leaving a restaurant

Justin Beiber

Breakfast turns out to be a bargain

…hold on for dear life!!!

Justin Beiber Either he needs a harness, or maybe he needs to go to the bathroom… ’cause the guy couldn’t stop eating trash this weekend after a little morning breakfast.

The singer had a meal on WeHo on Saturday with Missus, Hailey, and on their way out… Justin got a little helpful – but, like, totally solo. Check it out — the straight guy was holding his crotch several notches while they were driving around some cars in the lot.

Like we said, this wasn’t just a temporary adjustment or scratch – which we all go through. On the contrary, JB was holding on tight for what seemed like a short while… but no word on why.

His pants here look baggy, so it’s possible he was just trying to push them up – although holding them in this specific area seems a bit ineffective… assuming that’s what it is.

Of course, that thing guys do sometimes when they get drenched can do that…and bad. It might sound gross – but when nature calls… pulling off such a move certainly isn’t out of the ordinary. Considering how long Justin has been in this mode, it’s possible.

Whatever was causing him to touch cling to his manhood… Here’s hoping Pepys finally figured it out. As for Hailey — well, keep the pressure on him, we suppose.

And if you miss a beat — Justin can handle himself, apparently.

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