December 6, 2021


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WoW Patch 9.2: Developer on Release, T-Sets, Grind

After the positively received 9.1.5 connection in the community, developers in the blizzard did not want to wait long and continue to travel in this wave. So after a while they put out a lot of information about the announcement and the WoW Patch 9.2. In this context, we had the opportunity to speak directly to the developers and ask them about any details.

Of course, they had low profile on some topics, for example, not revealing anything about what would happen in the progress of the next story or the upcoming expansion. In the case of other topics, on the other hand, they could not go into more detail because it is not yet certain how some things will be implemented. On other topics, however, Jeremy Fischer spoke enthusiastically about the upcoming content.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Release, T-Sets, Grind & amp;  Group Limitations - Interview (7)

Source: Blizzard

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Release, T-Sets, Grind & amp;  Area Boundaries - Interview (8)

Source: Blizzard

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Video at the End of the Ages

Finally, the two were clearly relieved to be able to talk about it. Because they also know very well that players are eagerly waiting for new content. Therefore, in order to get the opinion of the committee, they should be sent to PTR as soon as possible. This is because, at least externally, the new approach of “listening to players” needs to be implemented more vigorously. Feasel and Hight both insisted on having feedback on different settings on each occasion, and kept asking us how we could imagine or like something. If you meet employers with twelve million potential in PTR in the future, it’s our fault.

The most important information of the interview

Given a lot of PR-blocks in an interview like this, we have decided to summarize the most important information for you, without applauding what has been said here. If that’s not enough, you can find the full interview on the second page of the article.

  • The designers in particular had a lot of fun creating the new Zereth Mortis zone. They took advantage of many freedoms as we launched the completely unknown Taurine.
  • The jailer will be the final boss in the Chief’s New Raid Cemetery. And yet he will be one of the bosses. A total of 11 employers are waiting for us. This is the end of a long story in the WoW universe (Buy Now 14.99 ) And we want to leave the shady lands in better shape than we found. Then a new chapter in the story begins.

    WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Release, T-Sets, Grind & amp;  Team Boundaries - Interview (4)

    WoW Patch 9.2: Developer on Introduction, T-Sets, Grinding and Section Limits – Interview (4)

    Source: Blizzard

  • Zereth Mortis is significantly larger than Korthia and contains different biomes.
  • Our main mission will be to improve through Griffin First, which will open up more and more content in formats such as newspapers, world searches, page searches, mini-games and elite areas.
  • Thanks to our progress in cryptography we can gradually understand the language of the first language.
  • For example, we can use the second legend as we progress. In addition, you can get a D-Set bonus out of the test by upgrading other items with a set bonus – if we have made enough progress on Jared Mortis.
  • According to the developers, the tire sets are so awesome that they can only be reserved for active riders. You can get set items quickly, but everyone else can get them.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Release, T-Sets, Grind & amp;  Area Boundaries - Interview (2)

Source: Blizzard

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Release, T-Sets, Grind & amp;  Team Boundaries - Interview (3)

Source: Blizzard

  • Jared Mortis will again have a kind of grinding character: Cosmic Dust. However, it is available from a variety of sources. You don’t want to push them into certain types of content that players don’t like. So there will be different sources. In addition, the cool content will only cool if you do not have to repeat it indefinitely.
  • Sylvanas will play a big role in the upcoming batch. The developers have not yet released what it is.
  • The corresponding conclusion of Patch 9.2 and the story chapter aims to tie several loose story texts into a solid and understandable knot. With this, the developers want to create a satisfactory result for a long journey.
  • Tazavesh is divided into two parts and is available as M + and Heroic mode. However, there are no more dungeons with Patch 9.2.
  • Like Cortia, the developers plan to allow new players to skip many of the old campaigns so they can immediately play with their friends on Zereth Mortis. However, all of these campaigns can be played if newcomers want to enjoy it later or directly.
  • When it comes to the difficulty of testing, there are various metrics for developers to look at. The most important thing is not how often the bosses fall in any given period, but all players enjoy consistent improvement.
  • In Patch 9.2, players will experience a huge increase in their player power. The second is the legendary and strong set bonus, as well as the increasing material status of the course.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer Release, T-Sets, Grind & amp;  Group Limitations - Interview (5)

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer – Interview on Release, T-Sets, Grinding and Section Limits (5)

Source: Blizzard

  • Developers talk a lot about how to create Raid bosses so players don’t know every little thing in advance. However, this is not possible due to the required PTR tests and YouTube videos.
  • Both Jeremy Fischer and John Hyde confirmed Ian Hasikosta’s statement that there is nothing sacred about WoW. Everything has to be discussed and questioned. Even things like the dividing line between the crowd and the coalition, which is almost religiously protected, are being discussed today. But that does not mean they should be abolished.
  • The team size of 20 players for midfield raids is currently high. It is very difficult to balance sophisticated employers to different group sizes. But this topic is also discussed internally and the feedback is gladly received.
  • WoW So the video game has the biggest advantage of being permanently modified, unlike a book or movie. As players change over time, WoW will change with them. Things that were right in the past will no longer be so when faced with changes in society.
  • As for the release date of Patch 9.2, the developers did not want to expose themselves directly, thus putting themselves under pressure. Before PTR starts, they want all important content to run smoothly and announce the release to players a week or two in advance. Everyone can plan well, especially during the holidays.

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