July 5, 2022


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WoW Dragonflight Release: Still Planned for 2022!

WoW Dragonflight is coming in 2022 after all! Source: Blizzard

Big surprise Tuesday evening! With Blizzard more or less intentionally announcing, Dragonflight for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion will be releasing to retail later this year. Contrary to previous assumptions, it likely won’t be until 2023 before we can explore the new expansion.

This emerges from a note that can be read as part of the pre-order launch on the relevant Blizzard homepage. It says “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be available no later than December 31, 2022.” Until now, it was assumed that although the WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King expansion will release this year, retail fans will be able to do so so you will have to wait indefinitely for Dragonflight’s launch in 2023.

WoW: Pre-order Dragonflight

Starting today, you can pre-order World of Warcraft: Dragonflight in three different editions. In addition to the basic version, a “Heroic Edition” and an “Epic Edition” are also available. Now you can find out what these costs are and what they include.

The basic version of Dragonflight will cost a whopping €49.99 and, in addition to the expansion itself, also includes a pet Drakks as an additional item for pre-purchasing Dragonflight. This pet is only available until the expansion version and will no longer be available. In addition, of course, you also get access to the new “Caller of the Dracthyr” racing/racing combo, which is explained “Available on or before release.” Can we start with already callers for pre-correction?

All higher versions also include all the bonuses and add-ons for the previously mentioned versions. The Heroic version is the best for €69.99 and, in addition to all the goodies mentioned, also gives you a character upgrade for Dragonflight, allowing the character of your choice to directly level up to level 60. In addition, those who pre-order the Heroic version will get an Entwined Dreamweaver flight carrier and Murkastraza pet.

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If you even opt for the Epic Grand Edition, you’ll also get a Hearthstone of the Time Wanderer, a Spell-Keeper’s transforming head wreath, changing rear awakening wings in five different colors and 30 days of playtime for World of Warcraft in addition to everything mentioned so far.

Wow Dragonflight Editions
In these three editions, you can pre-order WoW: Dragonflight. Source: Blizzard

This is what awaits you in Dragonflight

Exciting new content awaits you in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and a little return to the roots evolution. Together with the Callers of the Dracthyr, you can level up to a new 70, explore five new regions, and watch Azeroth come to life. Instead of new systems, Blizzard is thinking about restoring old strengths and rethinking existing features.

Expect the return of the right talent trees and a drastic overhaul of the crafting system. In addition, the user interface will be updated and you will be able to customize and steer your own dragon in the air like never before. All additional information about the expansion can be found here:

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