June 25, 2022


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Blockchain Games for the Weekend

These are the most popular NFT games

Author: Maximilian Schmidt is CEO of the Full Service Agency CPI . techniques. The company specializes in software development in the areas of blockchain, finance and artificial intelligence, as well as marketing and fundraising.

The games that currently have the highest reputation are the games with Metaverse experiences. The Metaverse is a computer generated virtual reality that you can participate in with your avatar. Sandbox and Decentraland are the most popular games in this field. They are very popular because the virtual world is parallel to the real world. Thus users can get to know it well. Other popular NFT games include Silks, Lucky Block, and Axie Infinity.

For example, what one can expect in the future is the release of specialized original Web3 games. The next step could also be to adapt AAA titles like Call of Duty into a decentralized framework. Finally, publishing a free marketplace for avant-garde games also provides an opportunity that may appear in the future. Impossible to say exactly what to expect. But these forecasts and developments so far give a foretaste of what to expect in the future.

conclusion: The special feature of games, the ability to independently manage one’s data and trade using in-game items, is new in the gaming sector. Decentralization enables ownership of data and digital assets. NFT games not only provide the fun factor but also provide an opportunity to earn money. Cryptocurrency and NFT have gained popularity recently. This is expected to increase in the future. Advances in blockchain technology also show that there is still much to expect in this field in the future.

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