The Battle of Legendary Entertainment continues between the Giants: in a unique, time-limited event, there World of warships Matching movie monster Godzilla vs. Kong Exclusive in-game activities and items. Determined to resolve their differences once and for all, Godzilla and Kong are on board as leaders in the game, complete with audio and visual effects.

Additionally, there are a number of special missions for all World of Warships players. Godzilla vs. Kong is currently in international cinemas and on HBO Max, a German launch date has not yet been set.

Godzilla vs.

This is how you get Godzilla and Kong

To access this exclusive content, players can choose from three different packages on the topic.

  • Kong: Primal Fury Commander Kong with 10 skill points and unique voiceover includes North Carolina with permanent primitive camouflage and a commemorative flag with thematic camouflage.
  • The analogs for this, Godzilla: Apex Monster-Can come with Commander Godzilla, 10 skill points, unique voiceover, Amagi with permanent heat beam disguise, commemorative flag and matching camouflage
  • I Titans: big bundle package Kong and Godzilla are both presented as captains of their associated warships and the rest of the aforementioned content.

In addition, a new set of special combat missions can be played by everyone. To unlock them, players will need to choose one side – Team Godzilla or Team Kong. Each level completed in the Quest chain rewards players with an Ultimate Guardian or Ultimate Titan camouflage. After completing the missions, there are one last Titans – one King Container as a bonus.

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Missions are available in random, ordered, and cooperative modes, as well as in operations with VX-class ships.

Godzilla vs. Kong – screen shots: