May 20, 2024


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Casio criticizes Modelao and analyzes the tie in the first leg and describes his two-tone striker: “Umm Post” | chestnut

Modelão Park remains the most popular one after the 0-0 draw between Paysandu and Castanhal, in a match valid for the first leg of the semi-final round of the Paraense Championship. Coach Cacaio is also dissatisfied with the quality of the playing stage.

The aurinegro captain said this was indeed a concern and reveals a demand that the two match-two matches be played at the opponent’s home.

– When we played Independente-PA, I had spoken to Helinho about the possibility of taking both matches to Curuzu, precisely because of the situation on the field. I trust my team, it is a technical team. We spent most of the time with the ball in football. Of course, the chance to score was very low for both teams, but it’s open there.

Convinced that Japiim had more time on the ball, Cacaio mentions Paysando with dangerous passes in crosses in the area, even giving the title to a two-tone striker.

– I thought it was a game where Paisando used air ball a lot, so much so that he put a pole there later, right? Jibril [Barbosa]Who’s a tall player, just to win that ball. I think it’s an equal match. Now he stayed there, to decide there – the Japiim coach concludes.

Castanhal visits Paysandu for the second leg on Wednesday the 12th, at 3:45 pm, in Coruso. A new draw in normal time takes the penalty shootout decision. a Give It tracks the movement of the match in real time.