April 23, 2024


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Tribuna Expresso: Great Games | The day came: “We are favorites because we are always favorites to win every match,” says Robin Amorim.

Title candidate

“Yes, that’s the basis. If we get to that point where the three points give us a title, then obviously we are favorites because we are always favorites to win every match. But we will face a team with good values, and we will play a match where the pressure is greater on the other side, and they will be. More free. They need maintenance points but the pressure is on our side. The Boavista coach will be the most experienced person on the field in this kind of game, so it will be a very difficult match. It will be another two hours of suffering. “


“I feel the same way. The responsibility to coach Sporting is always the same, whether we are favorites or not. Obviously I’m happy that we’re three points away from winning a tournament we haven’t won in a long time. I’m confident but normal because there are still three games to play and we’re not champions. After. On the couch or in the field? I support being a hero. The more the better, I don’t care about the beauty of being in the country.

The most important professional match?

“It depends. I’ll be able to say this at the end of the match. Either in the next match or at the end of the other. It’s more than just a game, obviously a huge weight. But we prepared it the same way. It might have a special meaning. I won tournaments as a player,” But it is different as a coach. You have to think about the game and not think too much about it. We have to win and this is the focus. “

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Beginning of the season

“When we started the year, we started a lot behind the other competitors, because of doubts, because we reconstituted the team, we have a lot of people from the squad, almost always with a small player on the field. Today I saw that they gave us 3% to win the championship, and Sp. Braga got 4% Benfica and FC Porto are more than 40%. Today’s idea is very different. Winning everything is allowed, our focus is on believing that all games can be won. I don’t care what I say or not say. Not a lot of people agreed with my talk, about just progressing to three points. But what I want is to be right in the end. “


“What I tried to do was take this as normal as possible. The team trained well, we felt very comfortable in the gym, and we had a short distance from all the expressions of support. We wanted to prepare in a natural way, not change the interval to training period, to training, time What we give importance to things. We did not add or take anything. Everyone feels the game in its own way and players should look forward to it, but I felt very excited this week. The team is enthusiastic, and they know it depends only on it, and we have a lot of people to depend on for our victory. I didn’t change anything special because this was the experience I had as a player, doing everything normally and treating the match with Boavista as another match in the league. I didn’t have one-on-one conversations with anyone, and I didn’t get a lecture anymore, We know that it is impossible to get it out of the minds of young people, but we ask them more than others, they should focus on training and lectures. It was a very good week, and they gave good signals. The players know that although there is a bus that has to be ready for the party, this Does not mean that it will be ah Nak party This is the main focus of the technical team. We’d even be upset if Sporting didn’t show anything, it was as if they didn’t trust us. ”

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If you are today’s hero

“I have no idea what the gig program is. If they win the tournament, obviously I won’t be the one to send them to sleep, they can do whatever they want as long as they come here to play. Because it’s impossible, again because of the player’s experience. But we’re not dependent on any of our opponents’ games.” We are not interested in the party program or what the idea is. “

Candidate for the next title?

“Until now I was a candidate for this, we wont be here to speed things up now! It will probably be game after game. We are not champions yet and this should be on the minds of the fans and especially the players. The same way we had a 3% chance of winning the tournament in the beginning. , That could be the same as the championship loss percentage.


“The main character of the tournament I don’t even know because I’m a team coach and it pays me to personalize. Now you have a great season. She was decisive in many moments and in things people don’t see, because she helped everyone in the academy. He is someone who deserves the great time he spent. He took the role he played yet. Last season reveals the character he owns. “


“Tabata seems to be more difficult for me and TT still has to be seen, but the medical department has to be to talk about it.”