May 26, 2022


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Windows 11: a test of the improved update process, there are problems

Microsoft has an update for windows 11 Posted in Insider. It’s another cumulative update that serves only one purpose: to test the update process. However, some users are reporting problems with automatic updates.

A major change in Windows Updates was distributed to all users for the first time just a few days ago. Feature updates made in February at a The premiere was distributed via optional updates. So far, the optional updates have only included bug fixes and improvements, and there are no real innovations. This is one of the many changes the Windows team has made to generally deliver update packages. In addition, there are also so-called activation packages for feature updates, which are much smaller than previous feature updates.

All volunteer testers using the Windows Insider Program get the latest update, Published by Microsoft in the middle of the week This resulted in tabs popping up in File Explorer, and it’s now another cumulative update. The development team is now using the new update from within as analysis of the update process, that is, the routine by which new Windows updates are generally delivered. So the new cumulative update will not bring any News, as mentioned in the Windows Blog. The new build number is 22572.100 (KB5012817). Windows Manager Brandon LeBlanc writes about the release:

“Update 3/11: We have started rolling out cumulative update version 22572.100 (KB5012817). This update does not contain any new features and is intended to test our maintenance pipeline for releases in the development channel.”

there are problems

However, bugs in updates have been increasing among Windows Insider users for weeks. Microsoft has temporarily excluded ARM64 devices from the new builds, but the problems aren’t just with this build. Users have reported that updates stop downloading or installing, which in turn leads to more problems. The common error code is 0x80070001 (this code indicates a file system error on the hard disk). So far there is no solution.

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The Windows team had to pull versions in the past due to issues with the update process. Of course, Microsoft wants to avoid something like this as much as possible.

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