May 26, 2022


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Windows 11 brings features that Windows 10 never dared

Windows 11 brings features that Windows 10 never dared

Insider build 22572 includes a tab layout for File Explorer. Now Rafael Rivera has discovered this fact and it fuels the hope of many Windows fans around the world, because since Windows 10 and the unscheduling of the window layout, many users have had a desire to be able to bundle different programs. So far, however, Microsoft’s request has been largely ignored, as even an attempt under the name “Collections” did not eventually materialize. On the other hand, the new 22572 interior gives hope, but how justified is it?

Tab layout must be activated via ViveTool

It’s a hidden cache in the latest Insider build, which isn’t necessarily a good sign, so why should Microsoft bother keeping a large community request secret? With the increase in the amount of negative news about Windows 11 in recent weeks, this news will definitely be a plus for the brand image. However, the new functionality can only be activated via ViveTool and this is unofficial. In most cases, such hidden ideas are not finally implemented, and so it is likely that the great desire of many Windows users will soon be eliminated. We’ll have to wait and see how Microsoft decides on this.

But what do you think? Are you one of those users who wants a summary of the different programs in the tab view of the browser?


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