July 21, 2024


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Why is my internet connection so slow?

You have subscribed to Proximus. Basically, this player promises speeds of up to 100Mbps. But in practice it happens that some subscribers to it Less than 20 Mbps ceiling. This is a minority of customers because 85% of Proximus subscribers have a speed of at least 80 Mbps.

If you belong to a minority of subscribers who have a worse connection, this can also happen to be very bad when several family members are calling simultaneously. During this time, your neighbors who work with another operator (for example Tadaam or VOO) do not necessarily face the same connection issues as you. why?


Actually, Proximus uses DSL. This technology (also called ADSL or VDSL depending on its developments) transmits digital data over a file telephone line (Its historical copper network, Editor’s Note) and it can surf up to 100 Mbps.

With DSL, things don’t go hand in hand with browsing and watching TV at the same time.

Problem: With DSL, Your connection may be slower That announced or ran into problems If your home is far from your neighborhood distribution box. but also If this same square is further from the center Or if there is Lots of clients associated with it.

Plus, with DSL, browsing and watching TV (which uses up some bandwidth) at the same time don’t always go hand in hand.

the wire

ButThe cable also has its drawbacksA: If some of your neighbors use it, you may experience a slowdown during rush hour.

At this point, VOO specifies that when a region (node) shares the same cable and that node is close to saturation, it is very easy and fast to implement “node segmentation” which will have the effect of multiplying the capacity available to all neighborhood residents.


Proximus aims to cover 70% of Belgian households with fiber by 2028.

This says, Much of the Proximus network is already equipped with optical fibersBut the last section between the street and most of the existing buildings still consists of copper cables. This operator aims to cover 70% of homes with fiber by 2028.

VDSL boosted

If you are not planning to switch providers, but are eager to get a connection faster, Proximus announced this week that it has developed a new technology (In partnership with Nokia) Dr.It aims to improve the existing VDSL infrastructure.

Electronics miniaturization makes it possible to introduce this new, high-performance equipment into existing street cabinets.
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Thanks to this, the distribution box will be able to Welcoming double the number of customers while doubling the speed of high-speed internet, Which will save a file A better customer experienceEven outside the big cities. A little patience then.