July 21, 2024


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In Aisne, a company manufactures anti-Covid voting screen curtains

In Aisne, a company manufactures anti-Covid voting screen curtains



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A company from Aisne has developed a 99.9% effective viricide tissue. It mainly uses it for masks, and has now started producing curtains for voting booths.

Masks and clothing manufactured in Villeneuve-Saint-Germain (Aisne) contain revolutionary technology capable of destroying viruses, in particular the one responsible for Covid-19. “It’s not a spray, it’s not a layer to put on the fabric, it’s inside the fiberDiane Deplake, founder of the Mon Masque de France, explains. The company was established in May 2020, to meet the needs of masks. The technology used by Diane Deblyck, developed by a Swiss company, quickly took over town halls, communities and doctors. Then it diversifies its production by making clothes or gowns for the nursing staff.

from now on, The company goes into the curtains of the voting booths. “We are on the eve of the provincial elections [et] Regional elections, not to mention that 2022 is still a presidential election, Diane Dyplek explains. The voting booth is what we often touch with our hands, and all mayors who will be able to explain that they are protecting their voters with the anti-COVID-19 polling booth curtains, I think it is safe.