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We will be bringing the THINKLET wearable to the “KAMITOHITO INVITATIONAL 2024”, an invitation-only voluntary tournament for Pokemon card games – PHILE WEB

We will be bringing the THINKLET wearable to the “KAMITOHITO INVITATIONAL 2024”, an invitation-only voluntary tournament for Pokemon card games – PHILE WEB

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Fairy Devices Co., Ltd. will participate. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, and Representative Director: Masato Fujino, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) at KAMITOHITO INVITATIONAL 2024 (KHI2024), an invitation-only voluntary tournament for Pokémon. Card game sponsored by “Kami to Hito” media cooperation and providing THINKLET device. KHI2024 is a tournament held to encourage Japanese Pokemon card players to be more active in the world. We aim to improve the level of local players by having strong invited players compete seriously in a format similar to global tournament regulations.

THINKLET, which we introduce this time, is a neck wearable device developed by our company. It is equipped with a wide-angle camera and can capture images of the wearer's entire field of vision and transmit them to a distant location in real time. It is a device that allows the wearer to share his or her “experience” at a remote location hands-free. It is mainly used to record the work of field workers and support remote work. At KHI2024, we plan to have some of the participating players wear them and record the footage.

In Trading Card Games (TCG) like the Pokemon card game, the information you have is very important. Videos shot with THINKLET can be used in a variety of ways, including gamer reviews, game viewing, and creating YouTube-like video content, and have already been trialled by many participating players to great acclaim. We hope that through this opportunity this device will help expand the world of card games significantly.

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For more information about the competition, please see the link below.

■ What is Thinklet?
THINKLET is a wearable device equipped with LTE/Wi-Fi technology. Fairy Devices aims to create a “fairy”-like AI that can ride on humans' shoulders and assist humans by being uniquely designed so that it can make the most of the AI ​​and software technologies that Fairy Devices has developed over the years. It was developed as a device that embodies the ideas contained in the company's name. LINKLET services using THINKLET hardware have won numerous awards, including a triple CES Innovation Award.

■Thinklet Features
– Equipped with a built-in 5-channel microphone array, it is the world's first wearable device*. This makes it possible to capture the wearer's voice clearly. Moreover, by combining XFE, a front-end audio processing library from Fairy Devices, it is possible to achieve clear audio range even in high-noise environments such as construction and maintenance sites and factories, and achieve high performance in speech recognition.
– Equipped with an ultra-wide-angle camera, it can capture the wearer's entire field of vision and transmit it to a remote location in real time. Because it is worn on the shoulder, video images are more stable than line-of-sight cameras, and users can share their experiences with remote locations hands-free.
– It runs “Fairy OS”, a proprietary operating system based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Hardware function control software is provided as an SDK and can run generic Android applications (some technical limitations apply).

For more detailed hardware specifications and purchasing information, please see the link below.

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● About Fairy Devices Co., Ltd. URL:
Fairy Devices Co., Ltd. On the development of VUI (*a)/VPA (*b)-related technology, voice-related technology, cloud infrastructure and edge devices that use their performance in order to make all of humanity's wisdom available for distribution.
We are evolving. By converting off-line field information into data in a form that allows for machine learning, further learning and analysis, we provide business solutions that implement the latest applied research in the field, from software to Masu hardware.
(*A) VUI: Meaning of Voice User Interface
(*b) VPA: Meaning of Voice Personal Assistant

*Company names and product names mentioned in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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