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We bring you some useful techniques for Mac's “Operation Space”![نصائح مفيدة لنظام التشغيل Mac]|  GetNavi web GetNavi

We bring you some useful techniques for Mac's “Operation Space”![نصائح مفيدة لنظام التشغيل Mac]| GetNavi web GetNavi

McFanIt is a long-standing Apple magazine founded in 1993. It covers a wide range of information, from basic usage to in-depth explanatory articles, as well as the latest information about Apple.

here,McFanYouTube channel “Mac Fan TVWe will provide TIPS technologies distributed by “. We will provide useful techniques such as ''Can you do that!?'' and ''I've heard of it but never used it'' as well as videos, so please use them as reference in your daily life on Apple. This time's topic is“Always open a specific program in the same operating space (desktop)!”He is.

When working on a Mac, have you ever had so many windows open on your desktop that it becomes difficult to see them? What you want to use in such cases is an additional desktop called “Operation Space”. By creating multiple windows and distributing programs and windows, your desktop will become less cluttered. At this time, if you always want to open a specific program in the same runspace, try using the “Open the selected program in a specific runspace technique”.

The following will show you how to operate it without connecting to an external monitor. Secondly click the program icon in the Dock, or press and hold the key[control]While clicking, select[This Desktop]or[All Desktops 2]from[Assign to]within[Options]. In this case, you make a choice[سطح المكتب هذا].

By doing this, when you start the program, it will open on the selected desktop. Note that an open window cannot be moved to another window. You can also move a Mission Control to another process space by opening the Mission Control and dragging and dropping it into the process space selection area at the top of the screen, or dragging it to the edge of the screen.

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On the other hand, if you select[All Desktops]from[Assign to], the same window will open on all playback spaces. For example, if you set system settings on all desktops, the system settings window will appear in the same location even when you switch to another space. When you change displays under System Settings, similar content will be displayed in other launch spaces.

Additionally, if you are working in a multi-monitor environment, you can select the desktop number from the options. If you select a specific display here, the program will open on the selected display.

The video embedded in the first half of the article explains the detailed steps in film formatting. also,”Mac Fan TV“, We distribute useful usage techniques every week. In addition, we also provide explanations and interviews of the application, so please check them out.

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